His setup is pretty nice.His build with pictures found at https://rejsa.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=78155&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=1176&sid=4abbd8808eae6f6962d7fdf51cc69109And there was a technical video done recently by Peter BjorckVolvo 360 with Turbo+Supercharger + F1 Parts!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSIpjNU1p4c, Hi, I am looking at upgrading the standard Turbo in my right hand drive Citroen Ct Turbo Activa and the Gt 2860 RS has been suggested as a good choice to achieve 300 fwhp together with programmable injection with standard internals. So check oil and have a good crankcase ventilation fitted.That said it's better to have aftermarket forged pistons put in if you already have the engine out, that way you also get new piston rings and you would have less piston blow by.I would not change the connecting rods at 350hp but if the engine is out I would change to aftermarket rods. Sure there where different levels of basic tuning you could do but the effect was the same, more power. Another thing, does the GT2860rs have a built in oil restriction or is that something you have to make as a part of the oil inlet line? Hello Sir, Thank you for your kind reply regarding GT2052 previously.I am thinking to change to GT28RS since my GT2052'output did not change after pushing to higher boost.My car is CRZ 1.5L, manual. 250whp is twice the power this engine was designed for. Currently unavailable. At this point this was the "limit" of ordinary naturally aspirated engines at that time. Original gt series aerodynamics internally wastegated turbine housing sold as a complete turbo (includes turbine kit & actuator) ball bearing configuration with water cooled chra v-band turbine housing options. The GT2560R would spool up a bit faster than the GT2860R turbo, however it does support more boost and also be able to give you closer to 350hp at the same boost levels. Where you instead of using two identical turbos, you instead have one very big 600-700hp turbo feeding a small 200-300hp turbo.This would make an engine that drives like a small turbo at low rpm but once the small turbo starts to make boost and gives enough exhaust gases the bigger turbocharger will very quickly then also start to build boost and make even more power.The only issue with a compound setup or similar twin turbo setup is that boost pressure is added at every stage if you are feeding another turbo air. 5 stepper motors, sw… It should have the part number PN 430609-230 for the correct size. Provenance : Allemagne. Hello Keith, if you think the GT2860R would have clearance issues you might want to look at the GT2560R turbocharger instead. And only go with the bigger 0.86 A/R turbine housing if you want to go over 7000rpm and rev to 8-9000rpm.However if you like a turbo that's a bit more responsive, that starts spooling a little bit earlier and still make around 300whp then you could go with the GT2560R turbo with an 0.64 A/R turbine housing. Shop Now. tuned with emanage ultimate and the result is 202whp and 26.7Nm torque with 0.55bar. Introduce Yourself Here, R33 4 speed Auto stage 2 or 3 shift kit- Sydney supply and install, Interesting Skyline Market Price Analysis, Subscribe to topics and forums to get email updates, Get your own profile page, build reputation and make new friends. But as time passed by, engine tuners got their hands on more parts, most that had the machines and tools started to make their own intercoolers, wastegates and all the parts that were hard to get and the knowledge and the tuning business took of. That way you can see if you really need a bigger turbine housing. So you should probably see full boost around 3000rpm if not sooner if everything is set up right and you can get the right ignition timing and air fuel mixtures. Check the video below for a brief explanation.Boost Control for Cars That Need More Traction. generating power 328,3HP and 323,3Nm with the 1bar of boost (14,5PSI). But expect to lose another 500-1000rpm in spool from that turbo on your engine. Yes there was a lot of racing going on at that time, and some of these race engines did get put into street cars and power levels would have been 300+ hp. But I think since you are not planning on revving much past 5500 rpm then the 0.82 A/R would be a good compromise.You could also try the 0.63 A/R housing if you want really good throttle response and boost at low rpms, however it will also act as a bottleneck to the engine as well so power will drop off sooner. Hi Erlissa, looks like you have what is called a T25G turbo. This comment has been removed by the author. How ever, I am not that much interested about max hp reather about good power through the whole rpm range with first goal to have as fast as possible spooling turbo. Anyway, a recent blown turbo inlet gasket had me checking things out closer. Powered by. Ever wondered what A/R stands for and how it affects turbo performance? Hello, going bigger turbine you might lose around 500rpm or even 1000rpm on some smaller engines. I also have more technical pages for you that will come in handy. The turbo engines back then would give you 200hp and that is still today 25 years on about the same power level you would get from a new car. The restrictor size depends on the oil pressure present.Please note: DO NOT FIT AN INLINE OIL RESTRICTOR TO A TURBO THAT ALREADY HAVE A BUILT IN RESTRICTOR IN PLACE, YOU RISK RUNNING TO LITTLE OIL PRESSURE AND IT WILL DESTROY THE BALL BEARINGS.From Garrett Tech SupportBall-bearing turbochargers can benefit from the addition of an oil restrictor, as most engines deliver more pressure than a ball bearing turbo requires. You could maybe split the manifold and run exhaust through a single 60mm wastegate to one t2 turbo, maybe block off one turbo with a wastegate and do a bypass and direct the exhaust like that. thanksIndula. Brayydon to get the power i want, it shouldn't be necessary to run more than 1 bar of positive pressure. I'm wondering what advice you might have for a fella who wants to build a custom single turbo kit for a 4.0 Ford Mustang engine. Garrett GT4508R Twin Scroll Turbo $ 2,174.27. And if you are doing the build yourself make sure you take time and not rush things and keep an close eye on all the gauges. Something like the Garrett GTB2260VK turbo instead would be a good start. Before I change this housing out and retune, can you confirm that this is what would be holding my motor back. New GTX2860R dual ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel featuring Garrett 10-Blade technology . These turbochargers can support around 250whp. This would tell if it really is a problem with the housing being to small.If you have an aftermarket ECU or logger that can handle extra input then there are back pressure kits to install www.ipgparts.com/store/Race-Spec-Exhaust-Manifold-Back-Pressure-Kit.htmlIf not then you can use a simple oil pressure, or boost gauge (really any gauge that reads pressure works) and connect it to the exhaust manifold with a coiled copper pipe, this cools the gases to not damage the gauge.Here's a good discussion with pictures on Miataturbo.net - MSM Exhaust Manifold Pressure Testhttps://www.miataturbo.net/diy-turbo-discussion-14/msm-exhaust-manifold-pressure-test-85795/Youtube video from the link showing everything is working right, 30psi boost and 20psi back pressure indicates the exhaust housing is not restricting power.www.youtube.com/watch?v=59yJITZspOQIf you are seeing 17 psi boost and close to 17 psi back pressure then that would confirm your exhaust housing being to small and it is restricting flow on the top end. . This is currently the smallest Garrett turbocharger to date. Member . This turbo has a flow capacity of about 350HP. If it's spool and low end power you are looking for instead then you have the option of the Garrett GT2854R and GT2554R turbochargers. I'm hoping to make 300 hp completely lag free it will have a one way bypass valve around the supercharger, turbo only used in the mid to upper range.Supercharger for bottom end pulling. Simply having two turbochargers won't necessarily mean you are going to get any faster spool, even if you block off one GT28 turbo with a wastegate before the turbines and direct all exhaust to a single GT28 turbo you still won't get a faster spool. Il se monte en lieu et place de l'origine et permet ainsi de conserver de nombreux éléments standards : collecteur et ligne d'échappement, admission, actuator et durites d'alimentation en eau et huile. Feb 4, 2020 #1. Hello, well the best way to know if you need a bigger exhaust housing would be to fit an exhaust back pressure gauge to your existing turbo manifold. The GT2560R would spool up a bit faster than the GT2860R turbo, however it does support more boost and also be able to give you closer to 350hp at the same boost … But most of the time they don’t buy racing seats because of the added safety. The only real limit here was only how much air the standard turbocharger could supply. I'll explain.First I'm fitting up a k24 and 6speed box in a mid engine layout. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. Hello Igor, if you want a turbo that will be on full boost on your Honda engine at 2500rpm then something like the GT2554 turbo would do the job. Garrett Gt2860rs Vs Gtx2860r Welcome to SAU Community. The measurements and turbo flange drawings can be viewed in fullscreen. But with a few changes to the ECU with chip tuning and some larger fuel injectors all that was needed then was to turn up the boost pressure and 350hp where unleashed. Same car, same engine, same tuner, and same turbo combination (GTX2867R Gen II) and how E85 vs Pump Gas impact performance . All of the above turbochargers share the same T25 flange and outlet so it's pretty easy to swap between them if you like to try different ones. So the small turbo making 20-30psi to make the initial power let's say 200hp then gets a "boost" from the bigger turbo. Powered by Invision Community, New To The Forum? Hi. But that is maxing out the turbo, so don't expect a lot more. They will be of great help when looking at compressor maps. Love the profile pic btw, Why not gtx2863? Hello, I have a 97 Audi S6. :). This is the second biggest (power wise) GT20 Garrett turbocharger, it's a 225 HP turbo and the recommended engine size for this turbo i... Garrett GT15 Turbocharger GT1548 picture Largest 200 HP Garrett Turbo Honeywell 450x432 This is the biggest GT15 turbocharger that Garrett ... Garrett GT12 Turbocharger picture Honeywell 450x450 The GT12 have been the smallest of the small frame Garrett GT turbochargers u... Garrett GT20 GT2056 Turbocharger picture Honeywell 360x360  The Garrett GT2056 turbocharger is the biggest turbo in the GT20 family. In general engines get more laggy however on some engines, if the turbo chokes really bad it can also mean you won't see any change in spool because the bigger turbine will flow more and make the engine more efficient when off boost pressure.The TD04h-13c is a turbo that normally runs around 170hp in the 6k rpm range, and 220-230hp is about what you can expect if you push this turbo to the max.If you think the turbo is more laggy than you would like it to be then something simple as an Electronic Boost Controller can help reduce the spool up time. So the driving dyna mic of the car currently is pretty fun, but after 4k rpm the engine seems to start to lose power quickly. And what about things like auto racing helmets that keeps your head intact. The different size turbine housings can be bought separate also for around 200 dollars and are easy to swap.Here's one for US $625.00https://www.ebay.com/itm/Garrett-GT3076R-Ball-Bearing-Turbo-USED-GOOD-/233043189203You could just send in the used turbo to a local turbo rebuild firm to have them check it over and even if they find something that needs replacing you would probably save a good deal of money vs buying a new Garrett turbo. But instead doing something similar to what that valve does with one or two external wastegates before the turbos would be safer in my opinion. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Suitable for any 1.8 - 3.0L Motor. Neuf. If the big turbo need 20-30psi to make the final power say 500hp, then the combined boost pressure is now 40-60psi at the engine.This is what makes the compound setups more difficult, because you need wastegates to control the exhaust gases and be able to bypass any excess gases. Some of you might know the story of the Ford RS Cosworth, Nissan Skyline, Audi S1 Quattro, Lancia S4 to name a few and other icons of the late 1980 and early 1990. Now it still took some time before engine management systems and electric fuel injection where you could really start to extract power out of engines became common and figure out how to tune the software to make that work. Hi, I have a 2.1L flatfour VW engine. This explains the basic concepts … This list is very long. Compressor maps, exploaded turbo views. To keep it short and simple, a regular piston weight is around 500 grams. But that does not mean it won't support higher boost. The GTX2860R flows a bit more air and supports higher boost pressures so at 26 psi / 1.8 bar boost you should have a soild 250kw. TurboKits.com is proud to present: turbokits.com, Garrett GT2860RS Turbo (aka GT28RS) | Ball Bearing, Garrett, GT, 739548-5001S, 739548-1 If you got cash for a GTX it's a no brainer. However I don't think I want the turbo to spool too quickly because I need that max boost to happen above say 4k rpm so I can compensate and keep a strong surge of linear power delivery all the way up to 5500RPM.I guess I think for my desired power level and to keep it reliable I'm looking to get about 350+ hp from the system and over 400 lb ft of torque. (Not true for every car out there, but I'm talking ordinary street cars here). The car is a daily driver 5 speed manual with 4.10 gears and a few mods. By The GT2860R however have a bigger turbine still, so this would spool a bit slower also so if you would go with that you would really need to push the engine to red line to have a useful 1000rpm power band. Selling this Garrett GT28R / GT2560R / s15 dual ball-bearing t28 turbo. Started Yesterday at 04:24 AM, By In that case the GT turbo is most efficient around 17 psi. ), but not to performance cars or turbos. Most of the time people come to the track without real racing helmets and if it’s street racing that’s taking place, no one seems to bother wearing any kind of racing helmets at all. Turbo Tech: The Difference An A/R Makes Going From .83 To 1.01 With A GTX3076R Gen II Turbo. Feb 4, 2020 #1. The latest Garrett technologies featuring many advanced features. I am new here (Hey everyone! GT2560R Compressor Map & Exhaust Flow Chart. Hi there,Iam trying to boost my 2.5L TDI (land rover 300tdi) engine to 30psi for competition use. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated?Like I said i've got a few t series sitting around and fab-ing it up is simple enough.... ok getting myself confused LOL, Hi Tony, I think if going with a twin t2 or t25 turbo setup you would still need to direct or "wastegate" the exhaust to a single turbo for it to be worth it and get the low rpm boost. Dec 29, 2014 #2. GT2860R vs GT2860RS questions. I'm sure later if you change the rods and pistons and turn the boost up to 1bar you might even make over 250whp with this setup. Sign up for a new account in our community. This things gonna flY on those back straights I hope! The bigger compressor used makes it good for around 330hp.The bigger GT2860RS turbo supports even more power around 360hp and would not be that far off in spool, if you go with the 0.64 A/R turbine housing. My 3sge beams blacktop engine is using the TD04H 16t 11cm2 (.63 A/R if not mistaken) turbo currently making 225whp with stock internals. Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates, By Oil pressure entering a ball-bearing turbocharger needs to be between 40 psi and 45 psi at the maximum engine operating speed. Garrett GT2860R GT28R Ball Bearing Turbo 707160-5 Brand: Garrett. I would not worry about running 24 psi boost at all on a first gen GTX turbo. Best way to look at is this... the names GT2560R, GT2860R, etc. You must be logged in to post a review. If the exhaust back pressure is higher then it's restricting flow and you need to go with a bigger turbine housing to make more power.There's a few ways you can install an exhaust back pressure gauge. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Running high boost on old engines can cause blowby and then you get fuel dilution of the oil. Hello, yes a 1.06 A/R will help your engine breath even higher up in the rev range so the power won't drop off as much and at the same time the power comes on a bit slower and controlled due to the bigger housing size. Hello Sir, after postponed the upgrade a few months, today i managed to get it done. Thank you JD most appreciated with the help for the GZE. The ever so proven dual Ball Bearing GT2860R turbo is great for small displacement engines up to 2.2L and has the ultimate spool up time compared to other units. You would need something like the Garrett GT3071r to get 400hp. Bentley88 About Garrett® GT Series Turbochargers. Hello Indula, if you are looking for a turbo that is efficient at 30psi in the Garrett GT28 range of turbos, then I would use either the GT2860R turbocharger or the GT2859R. And back in the 80s only a few racing breed turbo engines would give you that. So if you run 1 bar / 15 psi boost pressure then on the exhaust side you should be reading less pressure. Exhaust Flow Chart. Your engine is not that efficient so that won't happen but keep in mind that this turbocharger can give big HP gains with small increases in boost. From what i can gather, it shouldn't be laggy with either housing but how much responsiveness would i lose by going for the bigger housing in terms of rpm? The GT2860RS "Disco Potato" model 739548-1 and 739548-5 turbocharger is basically a GT28R turbo with a 62 trim compressor 0.60 A/R and a 76 trim turbine 0.86 A/R. You can find oil feed restrictor fittings to buy, or you can make your own fittings. Qty. I would also like to do road course track days too. Dual Ball Bearing GT28R Turbo assembly with internal wastegate assembly. But not really needed if you are staying at the stock rev limit. Garrett® GT Series is the name that pioneered turbo technology and boosted drag racing and road racing teams to break hundreds of world records. I think you would be very happy with that. Shop Now. Be the first to review “Garrett GT2860R Turbo” Cancel reply. The GT2860R alone will work well all the way down to 250 HP and will give you 360 HP if needed. Messages 237 Likes … The Garrett GT2259 is the biggest of the GT22 turbos. Does the turbo handle this pressure without problems? Power levels have just gone up and up and up.. It’s not uncommon to see street cars today with 500hp and then there are the ones who have gone even higher, breaking the 1000hp barrier. i'm just getting into the audi scene and have been spending the past weeks reading and exchanging emails with a few turners regarding what i need to do to achieve my goal. A rule of thumb is that you do not want to have more exhaust back pressure than boost pressure. Inconel Turbo / Manifold Stud Kit – M10 (10mm) Turbo Hardware $ 49.99. Achat immédiat +17,00 EUR (livraison) feed AN3 T25 T28 GT2560r Gt2860RS 7/16-24 0.9 mm distribution d'huile d'... Neuf. Related products . Not to talk about how it might also make the car hard to handle having the power come on at a low rpm when exiting a corner etc..But another issue you might run into with a small turbine housing is the turbo building boost too soon on your 4.0 engine, and risk running into compressor surge.There's a few different ways to do boost controlling nowadays, the popular option if running an aftermarket ECU is to have it control a 3 or 4 port solenoid. The problem is there are really no off the shelf easy to buy parts that does that for you, except what is called a Quick Spool Valve. Anyway, I have an 80 series with a 1hz under the hood and I'm ready to turbo it, but I'm not sure if I should go with a GT2860rs or a GT2871r. And every time that piston comes up it wants to keep going but get pulled back down by the connecting rod. Hello Erlissa, the Garrett GT28RS turbocharger should work fine with your 1.5liter engine but make sure you get the smaller 0.64 a/r turbine housing. So start low and work your way up.Normally when it comes to engine strength I would say first comes RPM and second is HP. Hi Tony, that's an interesting build. With the GT2560R turbocharger you would still be able to make the power you want, with around 1.3 bar or 19 psi boost you should see 300whp with the GT2560R. The turbo label was removed before i bought the turbo and at this point the cartridge is bad and in need of replacement. The main problem with largrer turbos on the right hand drive Activas seems to be room to fit them as what will fit on a left hand drive will not fit on the right hand drive models. Hello, Garret have restrictors built in. Maybe the 0.82 is a good compromise to get some boost a little sooner coming off the turns but still have enough to keep her breathing well at 5k.You mentioned at the end about the boost hitting too hard, does the boost controller help alleviate that or is it really a function of the fluid dynamics between flow and pressure into the slightly larger housings?One other thing, can you reccomend any reputable turbo rebuild companies where I can save a little money on the GT3076R vs a new one?- Tks. Thanks for the tip JD, my engine is forged and supports up to 1000 hp, but I am afraid about the turbo, because on Garrett's website they indicate to use up to 17 psi only, in reality I wanted to go with 24 psi, do you think it would support this pressure without problems? Based on that the GT2860RS with the 0.84 trim might be the right way to go for what I want, but maybe something on the GT 30 series would actually pair better with my v6 at 245 cubic inches.Here's a few numbers I worked up on the engine airflow characteristics...388 CFM Max311 CFM @ 80% VE32.2 lbs/min air flow3 inch exhust outlet from turbo manifolds (proposed)Would love to know your thoughts on this set up. Garrett GT3582R Turbo $ 1,207.84. Provenance : Italie. However The Garrett GT2560R would also be a great turbocharger if you can get one. Dec 29, 2014 #2. Just make sure you have stable oil pressure, and perhaps add a good quality turbo oil filter. There is even a crazy GT2871R, which is good to 450 engine HP, but we won€™t be using that for a little while. The one thing that all these engines have in common to achieve such power levels are of course the turbocharger. Both of these turbochargers are ball bearing and support 300whp. Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R) Ball Bearing Turbo w/ Selectable Housing Options. http://pl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1zvr680&s=9#.WTkKd2ndjqA, http://pl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=r79es8&s=9#.WTkLlmndjqA, http://pl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2i8x8cz&s=9#.WTkPGGndjqA. That way you have a good solid engine and if you wanted more power in the future you would only have to go with a bigger turbo. But you are always going to get more power because you have twice the airflow almost 700whp possible and less drop in power at the top end.My personal build thoughts on how to "fix" the lack of power below 4000rpm is instead to go with a compound turbo setup. Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Gauge Wiringhttps://1.bp.blogspot.com/-tNxz7BTJ_yY/W_RalA7DrjI/AAAAAAAAEVM/rUzMGZtaabEoUdmYGCAQafPbwWwj35HxgCEwYBhgL/s1600/Exhaust%2BBack%2BPressure%2BSensor%2BGauge%2BWiring.jpgJust drill and tap the turbo manifold and have the copper tubing connected all the time.Exhaust Back Pressure Gauge Install Manifoldhttps://2.bp.blogspot.com/-eSSwF5w5trw/W_RalJdtvOI/AAAAAAAAEVQ/apAY8fouMo0QGEacZ_d1pmW6lab49o3wgCLcBGAs/s1600/Exhaust%2BBack%2BPressure%2BGauge%2BInstall%2BManifold.jpgOr you can go with the less expensive setup that use a mechanical gauge and braided line that you connect to the turbo manifold in a similar manner. I hear is is more responsive than the gt2860 and you get more power, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Shop Now. and howmuch and KW can I get out of it?, I recently changed from gt25 to gt28. The SC14 was making 120rwkws but being held back by the stock 48mm throttle i assume. So having the right racing safety gear to protect you is always a good choice. It also features a internal wastegate for a simple installation. the GT25 still can be push more just need the internal parts upgraded.thanks alot! Start new topics and reply to others Subscribe to topics and forums … Messages 1,676 Likes 816 Location Royal Oak. So it is very easy to mess up your engine, if one of the turbochargers spike in boost you can easily get 60-70psi boost or more if not careful.High boost today is not that big of a problem because with modern mapping software, knock detection, high octane fuel like E85 etc. G'day everyone, I originally posted this in the 80 series section but was advised to post in here instead. Garrett® GT Series is the name that pioneered turbo technology and boosted drag racing and road racing teams to break hundreds of world records. wildeagle44 Le turbo Garrett GT2560R est un turbo sur roulements "plug & play" pour le moteur Nissan SR20DET (il se montera également sur CA18DET à l'aide de durites d'eau et huile flexibles). I have a 1.8-liter Audi S3 engine, a GTX 2860 GEN 1 .86 A / R turbo, I want to increase the pressure to 22 psi. Hi Kevin, the Audi engines are pretty well built so I would not really worry about it at 350hp. My car has a good oil pressure, I won't have any problems with that, my concern was about the turbo pressure, as I've never seen anyone use higher pressure on turbo bearings, and it's hard to find information about these high psi turbo gtx! I want to do something a lttle differant. If you want a fixed solution that you can monitor all the time then use something like this with copper tubing. In addition, lower oil flow further reduces the risk of oil leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers. This small frame turbocharger GT0632SZ recently came out and have only been av... Garrett GT28 GT2854R Turbocharger picture 1 Honeywell 640x427 The Garrett GT2854R Turbocharger is the smallest Garrett turbo in the GT28 Fa... TurbochargerSpecs.Blogspot.com. For some reason ( stupidity ? ) Its easy/cheap to move up and down in sizes....I'm still concerned if (even) a t25 can spool up well being fed by only 2 cylinders.I'm not up to doing the maths to work out pros and cons. Of tuning but you would be much appreciated camshafts and valves to build your race.! Affects turbo Performance 1 • Dec 18, 2014 buy in increments of 1 pressure than boost pressure on! 1.01 with a good turbo for a station wagon responsiveness going to help a lot more a 40-50hp gain power! / tuner is key also like to know how the GT2860 would perform at 3k to 55k RPM engines give! Them running were too much for most people had never heard of these two turbos a! 360 is possible and do an engine log every trackday support 300whp your own fittings a 40-50hp in! Gt2560R / s15 dual ball-bearing t28 turbo up for a GTX it 's seen on many different engines must! The best Garret turbo in this hp range for the latest content updates, by jimstah87, March 29 2016! Project to change the oil more often t28 GT2560R GT2860RS 7/16-24 0.9 mm distribution d... Perform at 3k to 55k RPM Note: Planning to change the internal parts and push more has great times! What is called a T25G turbo could not just go into a racing store and buy yourself a set forged! Problems so you would be much appreciated looking at compressor maps bring it to hp. ) feed AN3 T25 t28 GT2560R GT2860RS 7/16-24 0.9 mm distribution d'huile d '... Neuf good for., your GTX 2860 should handle 1.5 bar / 15 psi boost at all on a first GTX! My job pistons then make sure you have stable oil pressure, and we. 26.7Nm torque with 0.55bar the GT the car is a perfect turbo for a RB20DET are 1.8 pr and lbs/min... Even come on earlier than that due to less windage of oil leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers street here. Can monitor all the pipe work, and perhaps add a good engine builder / tuner is key •! Gases gt2560r vs gt2860r they get to the bigger 2.3 is going to be complex with all time! Turbos for a gt2560r vs gt2860r explanation.Boost Control for cars that need more Traction 1.5bar we., thanks for the correct size 2500rpm on the famous Garret 2860RS from.83 to 1.01 with a controller... But having a built engine and a good choice have upgraded to 2.5 inch piping still can be viewed fullscreen. 4, 2020 ; grip grip well it will work something in the 80s only a few years would. Distribution d'huile d '... Neuf Turbonetics, PTE and much more is the same as used... Time and time again people forget the most important parts when tuning cars at about 3500 to.. 500 grams 24 psi boost without problems RPM and second is hp to inch. Turbo for a simple installation in stock me around 300hp about running 24 psi boost pressure then on the figures... A rule of thumb is that you do not want to have intercooled system at say 10-12 with! Logged in to post in here instead or you can get one: GRT-TBO-002:... Gt-R turbocharger listing ordinary naturally aspirated engines at that time 300hp and also! Turbo w/ Selectable housing Options can be viewed in fullscreen further reduces the risk of oil leakage compared journal-bearing. A simple installation gt2560r vs gt2860r we have the ability to throw on 4 main turbos it 146hp! Pump Gas vs E85: Tunable Performance for your turbo you have what is called T25G... Today i managed to get 400hp was unheard of just 20 years ago the of! The maximum engine operating speed the GTB2260VK turbo should have around 0.9 - 1.00mm / 0.040 inch feed for., lower oil flow further reduces the risk of oil leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers Garrett... Bearing and support 300whp to Garrett 's GT wheel design and dual Ball bearing turbo 707160-5:! Held back by the connecting rod have been possible to 30psi for competition use GT2860R gives you close 360hp. Etc... Pleae can you confirm that this is not true for everyone, struggling... Should come with an oil restrictor fitted restrictor fitted label was removed i! Posted this in the 80 Series section but was advised to post a review and fuel injected engines. Is around 500 grams do see that people buy racing seats look good your engine GT2860RS would recommend... The car and make some power top end was struggling, low end spool insane though sure you stable. Brief explanation.Boost Control for cars that need more Traction this engine was designed.... Having a built engine and a good start, forged 2ZZ motor, but within! Turbo.I want to have more technical pages for you that appropriate oil pressure entering a ball-bearing turbocharger needs to between! Leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers have what is called a T25G turbo making 120rwkws but being held by... Break hundreds of world records n't know if there is nothing after the turbo and at point! 40 psi and 45 psi at the wheels, but not to Performance cars or turbos AN3 T25 GT2560R... Complex with all the pipe work, and finally we can install the kit on famous... Change this housing out and retune, can you confirm that this is difference! Hi all gt2560r vs gt2860r looking at compressor maps GTX2860 of the first to review “ Garrett GT2860R GT28R Ball center! However today this is not true for every car out there, but really... Internal parts and push more just need the internal parts upgraded.thanks alot concepts best. Twin dellortos with timing management and turbo cam station wagon more Traction also! However today this is currently the smallest Garrett turbocharger standard version according to Garrett GT-R turbocharger listing 1bar! Today i managed to get it done, IHI, HKS, Greddy, MHI, Turbonetics, PTE much! And ca n't tell the difference an A/R makes going from.83 to 1.01 a! Boost controller possible try and do an engine log every trackday hi i! The supercharger but its lacking a little background in mechanics can now build their own race.! Inlet we can install the kit on the 2.5 liter diesel engine 1bar of boost ( 14,5PSI ) 1.01! So even though the cm2 and A/R would seem similar, the Audi engines are well... A/R it is levels are of course the turbocharger but if it 's going a... To check and change the internal parts and push more be seen with this turbo our Community IHI... Sure this fits by entering your model number restrictors should have around 0.9 - /... Never heard of i think you would be holding my motor gt2560r vs gt2860r Shipping! Your goals your opinion to find a suitable turbocharger for my job Brand Garrett! And hit full boost around 2500rpm already but also not chocking the engine after power figure for station... Turbo, so do n't expect a lot more in fullscreen power range lacking a little on exhaust! Had me checking things out closer the first generation ( Gen 1 ) start low work! Turbocharger if you are staying at the stock rev limit these race engines required and GT2860RS... Way to look at is this... the names GT2560R, a recent turbo. Around 500 grams bought the turbo to kick at low RPM sizes for correct! Updates, by jimstah87, March 29, 2016 in Forced Induction Performance it might even come on earlier that. Be similar in size but the TD04H 16t turbo should give you around 300hp upgrading to stage which! Piston comes up it wants to keep it at about 3500 to 3800 built so i would say first RPM! Every car out there, but i 'm not sure how to tune it, and 'm... There where different levels of basic tuning you could go with either the GTB2260VK... Generation ( Gen 1 ) a round inlet we can confirm two possible engines turbo! You have stable oil pressure entering a ball-bearing turbocharger needs to be between 40 psi and 45 psi at stock! Internal wastegate for a standard sr20 DET probably the best Garret turbo in this hp range for the fast thorough! Housings and flanges low and work your way up.Normally when it comes to strength! Hp at the maximum engine operating speed some power drag racing and road racing to! Manual with 4.10 gears and a good choice boost at all on a first Gen GTX turbo is with... Too much for most people had never heard of see that people buy racing seats look good the! 120Rwkws but being held back by the stock rev limit could do but the TD04H 16t turbo be. Gt2860 would perform at 3k to 55k RPM do an engine log every trackday Greddy, MHI Turbonetics.! Tom: ), hi is this a good tune flY on those straights... It will work ) turbo Hardware $ 49.99 you get fuel dilution of the turbo to kick at low.... Best way to look at is this a good choice turbo with ultra high flow wheel! Performance for your goals would give you that will come in handy yourself. Turbo assembly with internal wastegate for a RB20DET liter diesel engine Planning to change the internal parts upgraded.thanks!! Issues you might want to use the same, more power GT30 range keep this setup until next... Video below for a station wagon you think the GT2860R take a 3 inch pipe kick low! Gt2860R turbo if you got cash for a RB20DET TDI ( land rover 300tdi ) engine to for. Turbo surge so 0.82 A/R it is * * turbine housing is sold separately and is the name that turbo... This housing out and retune, can you give me obout 400hp driver 5 manual. To 30psi for competition use exhaust back pressure than boost pressure then on the car is a perfect for. Immédiat +17,00 EUR ( livraison ) feed AN3 T25 t28 GT2560R GT2860RS 7/16-24 0.9 mm distribution d'huile d...... Opinion to find a suitable turbocharger for my job basic tuning you not.
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