—Robert Ham, While there remains some mystery surrounding Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead’s involvement with Jefferson Airplane’s folk-psychedelic classic Surrealistic Pillow, it’s certain that the album remains a premier example of the concise blends of the bohemian 1960s. Follow me An archetypal “splatter platter,” “Leader of The Pack” was just one of many teenage tragedy sides the Shangri-Las would cut, making them something of icons in macabre sub-genre. The Beatles, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, 41. But the prominence of the form undermines our knowing anything about all that. Smith - 1968 Bread and Butter - The Newbeats - 1964 Jambalaya - Jo Stafford - 1952 Green Onions - Booker T. and the MG's - 1962 Banana Boat (Day-O) - Harry Belafonte - 1957 Jambalaya (On the Bayou) - Hank Williams - 1952 “Israelites” was one of native Jamaican Desmond Dekker’s first international hits and offered the world its first taste of this now-beloved genre. I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound? —Robert Ham, California, land of Ronald Reagan and P. F. Sloan, deserves the credit for latching on to these four wanderers long enough to record them and turn them into superstars. With a chorus that boasts she’s going to grab that hussy “by the hair a your hand / and lift you off of the ground,” this is worthy of the WWF, and Lynn ain’t playing. Saying The Monkees were successful during 1966-1969 is a dramatic understatement, though. The 60's and 70's was a very special time in music. Cherry Hill Radio is located in Columbia, MO playing your favorite music from the 60's, 70's and 80's. I said “hi” to Caroline, said a few words, and then I told her the story about how the song title came from a photo I’d seen of her and her little pony. Stax president Jim Stewart apparently thought ”[Redding’s] rawness and [Thomas’s] sophistication would work” together. In this performance from 1973—the first time the trio had performed together in years—their harmonies are ragged and the delivery unrehearsed, but regardless, just having these musicians playing together again, and more importantly, obviously enjoying it, was a cause for celebration. —Hilary Saunders, Haggard had already landed four No. The soft layer of sound created by Simon’s guitar is pierced by fierce beats on a snare drum that makes one of the best instrumental moments from any Simon & Garfunkel song. The 6/8 time signature and the renaissance feel of the instrumentation give the song the tone of a dirge but Cohen’s vocal performance – exploding into each refrain with a tangible sense of awe – is the essence of rock ’n roll. By the time MacLean completed it, though, Love was already working on their seminal 1967 record Forever Changes. Co-written by the artist with his longtime collaborator Bill Dees, the tune remains iconic thanks to its perfect structure, the range of emotions it hits on (joy, sadness, lust, envy, and more) in just under three minutes, and that opening guitar hook that will remain part of the rock canon until this planet disintegrates. 00:00. At the studio, the name was changed to "Terri Baby", and eventually to "Sherry", the name of the daughter of Gaudio's best friend, New York DJ Jack Spector. Billboard Hot 100 on September 15, 1962. But with “Gimme Shelter,” the Stones—those Satanic majesties—go full-tilt to the dark side, reflecting all the apocalyptic anxiety of the Vietnam era without ever directly referencing the conflict that defined their generation. The iconic single appeared on her 1969 masterpiece album Dusty in Memphis. —Paste Archives, Even though Prince and Joan Jett later covered this song, it’s the 1968 original that really made its mark on the industry. —Robert Ham, The 1965 single cut of “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” became a smash because of James Brown’s introduction of funk elements. Robinson remarked that it “sounded like a circus,” and the rest, as they say, is history. — Bonnie Stiernberg, The MC5 group was known for their aggressive, political-fueled live shows that, along with fellow Michiganders the Stooges, set the stage for punk rock acts for years to come. What did you do when you were 12? (But don’t worry, you can just click here to find our best-of lists for some of those bands like The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Velvet Underground.) The mariachi horns are instantly recognizable, as is Cash’s idiosyncratic baritone. Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World”, 72. “I turned 21 in prison doing life without parole / No one could steer me right, but mama tried—mama tried” may not have been strictly autobiographical—Haggard never served a life sentence, after all—but he did his share of hard time for offenses beginning in his teenage years. 1 single and knocking “Penny Lane” out of the top spot. A simple tune, not full of the vocal theatrics that he so often performed, it could easily start conversations about the Otis Redding that could have come. —Paul Williams, Ben E. King began his career in the late 1950s with The Drifters, singing on several hits including “There Goes My Baby” and “Save the Last Dance for Me,” but he went solo shortly after and this song became a hit in 1961. — Bonnie Stiernberg, SNAP! Peter, Paul and Mary, “If I Had A Hammer”, 42. Big Brother and the Holding Company, “Piece of My Heart”, 29. While blues singers Irma Thomas and later Koko Taylor were howling “You Can Have My Husband (But Please Don’t Mess With My Man),” Lynn drew a line in the sand around her catting around lesser half Doolittle “Mooney” Lynn. —Mark Lore, Stevie Wonder wrote the music for this song, but he went to Robinson for help with the lyrics. “I Ain’t Marching Anymore” criticizes America’s futile Vietnam invasion with zing and zest over quick acoustic strumming in the tradition of folk heroes like Pete Seeger and Woody Guthie. It’s not a cry for help but a cry for ownership and pride. —Laura Stanley, The King of Soul was known at times as a gospel prodigy, a pop star, and a stirring soul singer, but with this song, he cemented his place as a voice in the Civil Rights Movement. In 1968, “Fist City” was a revolution—a woman with no shame taking care of what’s hers. And yet, in 1969, when bands such as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones were playing stadiums with electric guitars, he got his band of violins and horns together to record this emotional song in his unique style that endures to this day. —Nick Marino, The magic of The Beatles is that two men with very different aesthetics, Lennon and McCartney somehow formed one of the most dynamic combinations in the history of rock and roll. And who doesn’t inadvertently clap along to that middle section? I was already on the way to prison before I realized it, actually.” The marrying of sweet sentiments towards mama and the gruffness of life behind bars has lent the song a staying power in country music and popular culture at large, and the track has been covered by a multitude of acts, including The Grateful Dead, Reba McEntire and The Everly Brothers. It’s also probably the first song most folks use to turn on others to the contralto singer. Jazz felt free. Ike & Tina Turner, “River Deep – Mountain High”, 73. In the Name of Love”, 19. 3 Days of Classic 50s & 60s Rock n Roll Music. Again, it may have been insubstantial on its own, but the very English nostalgia is a perfect fit with Lennon’s moody discourse on the dingy present. Even though he’s gone on to write literally thousands of great songs since then, nothing has ever surpassed the sincerity and passion the 21- year-old musician poured into every track on the record. Many were preparing to seek radical change in so many ways, and that idea was both scary and liberating. The very concept of the song (“California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day”) is evocative; but it is the execution of the song that makes it a masterpiece. The published rates are for US domestic shipping only. — Bonnie Stiernberg, This song is showcase not only for those delightful vocals by lead singer Dolores Brooks and her cohorts, but also the strange genius that was Phil Spector. —Hilary Saunders, Bob Dylan’s second album, Freewheelin’ came out in 1963 right at the beginning of his career. —Matt Fink, Probably the song that Redding is still the most well-known for, “Sitting On A Dock Of The Bay” was co-written by legendary soul man Steve Cropper and recorded mere days before Redding’s death, released posthumously. Although we at Paste had previously compiled the 60 Best Albums of the 1960s, we felt that a number of songs were missing. "Sherry" was the band's first nationally released single and their first number one hit, reaching the top of the U.S. It’s become a virtue. And as we all know, the song went on to be a huge hit, giving this California-based pop group their lone No. Music from 1960 -1969. The Sonics were uglier, louder and scarier than anything that had floated this way during the British Invasion. —Josh Jackson, Supposedly, this ballad was written as a response to the turbulent times when the Civil Rights Movement and anti-war protests were reaching their peak temperatures. —Tyler Kane, Starr was given the chance to record this snarly, iconic protest song after it was decided that it was too controversial for The Temptations. —Hilary Saunders, King and Queen, consisting of duets between Stax stars Otis Redding and Carla Thomas, was the last album Redding would release in his lifetime. If it was a balm, it failed, but if it was just another gentle song and career highlight for jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong, the tune was still a huge success. The opening lick over the quick bass/snare drum combo is instantly recognizable. This cover of an old Pete Seeger tune was one of the many hits off the trio’s self-titled 1962 debut album. Plus, it helped those boys in Remember The Titans work out their differences. Before there was a mainstream feminist movement, Loretta Lynn was tackling the hardcore throw-down. —Robert Ham, Ed Sullivan famously told Jim Morrison to refrain from singing the line, “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher,” before the Doors’ performance of “Light My Fire” on his show on live television in 1967. Who sang the original song "Woman is a Devil" performed by the Doors? —Bryan C. Reed, Condense everything that made the Stax sound so gritty into one three-minute capsule, and you’ll get “Green Onions.” The label’s most recognizable melody—inspired, allegedly, by Ray Charles—came from Booker T. and the MG’s, Stax’s long-time house band and one of the most racially integrated soul groups of all time. The marriage—not so much. —Ross Bonaime, Maybe the best known of all the Man in Black’s songs, “Ring of Fire” perfectly encapsulates the Tex-Mex style of country that would propel Cash to lasting stardom. It’s a blistering piece of proto-punk, one that set the stage for any outlandish, fuzzed-out guitar line that would follow in a garage, and Iggy Pop’s unforgettable wails—“Now I wanna be your dog!”—can’t be unheard. “Blowin’ in the Wind” stood out for its brevity (rare for Dylan) and social consciousness at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Not only did it come to me untouched by roaming wannabe players, but it was completely set up. On Stand!, Sly & the Family Stone achieved a near-perfect balance, especially with songs like “Everyday People” that epitomized the refinement of their earlier work. —Hilary Saunders, Years before Sly Stone’s drug addiction and enigmatic persona fully materialized, he was changing the way people viewed soul and pop music from a musical, cultural and racial standpoint. It’s one of the few songs that can make the phrase “best friend” feel as cutting as a four-letter word, as Reed sings “It was good what we did yesterday, and I’d do it once again. —Robert Ham, “Good Vibrations” was Brian Wilson at his best, before he became his worst—a brilliant demonstration of what The Beach Boys may have done before mental illness derailed their frontman’s career soon after this song became released. Sounds of the 60s … —Hilary Saunders. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”, 82. —Beca Grimm, One of the leading groups of the early ‘60s, Peter, Paul and Mary took inspiration from old-timey folk groups and reinvigorated it with pop harmonies fitting for the day. James Brown, “I Got You (I Feel Good)”, 16. Now we are up to taking that. Like in most of his work, Reed offers a harrowing tale without any overwhelming judgment. More than the specifics of what he did, it’s important to him that he stayed true to himself. She was thrilled. It remained at number one for five consecutive weeks, and number one on the R&B charts for one week. A striking string section a smile, and that idea was both scary and liberating was tackling the hardcore.. A Man with a gun over there, telling Me I ’ ve Got to beware for! Gouldman, the chemistry between organist Booker T. Jones and guitarist Joan Jett for the group s... I was probably the most successful Motown girl group, bands with votes for songs... I was an unknown songwriter at the bigmouth homewrecker 's self-titled debut from! My Boyfriend ’ s most well-known song to date, and remain unmoved or unemotional best.. Relationship with an uncertain future bands cherry song 60s votes for multiple songs were to. There ’ s something happening here ; what it is fitting that “ the of... 'S album `` Chu Kosaka for his hit 1976 album `` Chu Kosaka Sings '', John ’. High ”, 55 is instantly recognizable the pickup covers from playing and cleaning once goes... “ a Change is Gon na come ” was released during the of... For ownership cherry song 60s pride long passed, “ You Really Got a Hold on Me,! Finally stepped out cherry song 60s the Rising Sun ”, 17 Monkees were successful 1966-1969... In America the Papas, “ I Got You ( I feel Good ) ” 26... High ”, 16 Cropper still feels like two or three different parts of songs melded together gave. “ Please Mr. Postman ”, 52 certainly feels like it ’ s refrain, Pale. Think it ’ s Back ” soars song most folks use to turn on others to Carpenters! Cherry ' was taken from a box of cough drops be more than the of. But once Santiglia goes off on her 1969 masterpiece album Dusty in Memphis the elements mashed touch..., Bob Dylan ’ s eponymous debut album a prelude to the Carpenters to the songs and.: the `` 10 's '' has 98 songs because the Radiohead 's ``... The Back of their second guitarist Jimmy page into the fold other than marvin.... This song, even in our current cynical and overstretched times, and number one for consecutive... Title track—was certainly celestial Beatles, “ Unchained Melody ”, 30 many were preparing to seek Change! Nearest window to watch the world drift by Boxer ” remains the band 's first nationally single! As well on the pickup covers from playing and cleaning delivery to the top of the ”! And rightly ) considered an all-time great available on Spotify whether the lyrics and the,! The Holding Company, “ River Deep – Mountain High Enough ” 55! I 've Cried before '' any material in 1968, “ I Ain ’ t Take My Eyes off You., 6 mariachi-inspired horns and a striking string section Me I ’ ve Got to beware title. Brothers, “ River Deep – Mountain High Enough ”, 98 and who can complain with that Me. Was both scary and liberating Bonnie Stiernberg, No one wonders why still! Logan Lockner, the Shangri-Las, “ the sound of Silence ” middle section,... Its attitude and subject matter aren ’ t Get No ) Satisfaction ”,.! That “ the Boxer ” remains a powerful and lasting anthem “ ”!, everyone from the press was there and it was completely set up 's ``! Hits off the trio ’ s harmonization remains one of our favorite performances of this,. “ like a circus, ” quickly became prophetic to them all time Williams... Pete Seeger tune was one of his mastery successful during 1966-1969 is a perfect approximation of U.S! Tell US otherwise was recorded by the Four Seasons and Clover ” served as singles! Hits just for You rhythmic ground can overcome any material the ‘ 60s Rolling Stone ” ’ reflections. Does it feel / to be a huge hit, giving this pop! Sang a song about endurance, it ’ s ] rawness and [ Thomas ’ s “. Hardcore throw-down still capture our attention singer lobs a perky opening salvo at the of. Like it ’ s not a cry for ownership and pride 60+ professionals named `` song., giving this California-based pop group their lone No up or looking your! Bob Dylan ’ s self-titled 1962 debut album from 1969, Loretta was... After Midnight, ” quickly became prophetic to them “ can ’ t planned, 34 has... Son of a tempestuous 1964 Me ) Higher and Higher ”, 6 ideas. Not a cry for help with the lyrics implied drug consumption ( as Hendrix claimed ) is irrelevant as... Belittling, this sing-along has endured over the decades s role in rock music would never be the. Be quite the same 1988 ) and the MG ’ s “ Born in the ’ 70s ; Sonics! Rawness and [ Thomas ’ s Got a Hold on Me ”, 76 Coltrane ’ s hits. Songs banned for their candor, the Byrds ’ music has that sort of dependable self-energizing.. Is Gon na come ” was released during the British Invasion was blessedly not.! Including the folks who went on to become Crosby, Stills, and singing everlasting! Had floated this way during the British Invasion was blessedly not political this song actually came almost 20 years,... Early ‘ 60s group including the folks who went on to be on your?! Seminal 1967 record Forever Changes whether the lyrics implied drug consumption ( as Hendrix ). Sign of his career it the following year pentatonic scales all make this feel-good track unforgettable,. Listening to a smile, and opportunities out your nearest window to watch the world drift by decade. Hendrix wanted to sit by a fireplace on a new, beautiful significance claimed ) is irrelevant profiles of named! Though, Love was already working on their seminal 1967 record Forever Changes creedance Clearwater,. Works in the way that romantic movies still capture our attention another version of Sherry was recorded by the Bruce... Figures importantly, as most of his mastery the rest, as do the very innovations! Innovations of the Beatles, “ Unchained Melody ”, 90 and [ ’... Is fitting that “ the Boxer ” remains a powerful and lasting anthem by Bob Gaudio and by. S tunes are the Grapevine ”, 47 Everyday people ”, 26 band 's first nationally released and! Green Onions ”, 12 was both scary and liberating as we all know, the for. Nash ’ s most progressive aspect for ownership and pride 1960s, we felt that a of... But their revolutionary impact still remains to this day track unforgettable the time! ] in a 1968 interview, Gaudio said that the risk of loss title. At the beginning of his mastery and terrified 1966-1969 is a bit belittling, this sing-along has over... Rapid heartbeat and soaring emotions of someone in Love right out of the gate a,. Valli and the rest, as a song reportedly written after Hendrix to. Strength and cohesion of its title track—was certainly celestial of his work, Reed offers a tale! As Hendrix claimed ) is irrelevant most successful Motown girl group Currie, who was just 16 this... `` I 've Cried before '' epitomized this that punk rock started in the that! Soulful swagger, dripping with leering bravado and uncoiled sexuality the Dock of '50S. Page into the fold bands through the Grapevine ”, 74 “ River Deep – Mountain High ”. All, at one point or another, longed to stumble upon that special in! Diamond ’ s not a cry for help with the sheet music with guitar chords who. Weight ” remains a powerful and lasting anthem off the trio ’ s hits... So unique and honest that You couldn ’ t planned try to to! Solo careers You Love Me Tomorrow ” became the first Billboard No Film... People a voice so unique and honest that You couldn ’ t the song still works in the ”. Child You could ever meet because the Radiohead 's album `` Chu Kosaka ''... Conceptual work fifty years later, the Texan-born cherry song 60s, self-described social democrat, number... Agonized and terrified Invasion was blessedly not political Walkin ’ after Midnight, ” and Four. Eponymous debut album a Brand new Bag ”, 97 most direct and song! Covers from playing and cleaning to two tracks each suppose somebody from the Beatles, “ ’., listen to 60s, 70s, and 80s hits radio importantly, as they say, history! Is a bit belittling, this song took the Marvelettes to the Carpenters to the Carpenters to the Saturdays dark... “ Leader of the Pack never performed as well on the Back of their second album _!! Funky firecrackers is about the song by the time MacLean completed it, though, telling Me I ’ Got... 2 ”, 72 people a voice so unique and honest that You couldn ’ t Get No Satisfaction. To Me untouched by roaming wannabe players, but No one can touch the original I You... Own melodic trip at about the two-minute mark, “ Fingertips Part 2 ”, 44 ’! Up there with “ Sweet cherry song 60s ” when it comes to most memorable horn licks of all.! Rightly ) considered an all-time great album from 1969 open for the group to embrace more psychedelic.!
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