ABSTRACT. Now, it’s agreed upon that most of these factors are outside the control of tourism boards and travel companies. Even though tourists enjoy the tourism experience in Sri Lanka, the hotel industry has faced issues with limited human resources (HR) and employees’ lack of motivation to provide professional services. The tourism sector is one of Sri Lanka’s success stories of the post-war economy. Removal of vegetation leads to erosion, which in turn destroys the ocean and … Challenges in Promoting Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka Rev. Sri Lanka is one of the well-known holiday destinations for its remarkable natural tourism resources and authentic food culture. “Sri Lanka and the Maldives should act as complementary forces in the sector, rather than competing head-on,” Esufally told OBG. Despite these and other issues, the tourism industry’s recent performance, plus the substantial amount of investment that is currently being spent in Sri Lanka, bode well for the future. Therefore the leisure industry in total contributes number Growing tourist arrivals by 1.5 folds within 4 years is a tough ask requiring a Globalization Prof. Wijitapure Wimalaratana Department of Economics, University Colombo Sri Lanka has a long history of tourism, dating back to the times of ancient kingdoms. tourism lens measures the impact of cruise tourism and, with its focus on the perceptions of host communities, more effectively addresses grassroots concerns of cruise tourism development of Sri Lanka. SRI LANKA TOURISM SECTOR | August 2013 | per tourist currently stands at USD105 as per Central Bank of Sri Lanka data USD285 per tourist in 2011. The growth of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry over … This change in tactic could prove highly lucrative for the tourism sectors of both countries. According to different sources of historical accounts, many foreigners have visited the country for various reasons. Outlook. These are the challenges faced by Sri Lanka's ecotourism industry: Land degradation through clearing to build amenities for tourists such as hotels, roads, restaurants, and restroom facilities. Some of Sri Lanka’s Asian competitors are at a much higher level of tourism sector contribution to GDP, for example, Malaysia – 12.5%, Vietnam – 7.5% and Singapore – 5%. Few cities in Sri Lanka can offer to travelers such a great combination of historical experience, sacred monument features stunning scenery, tanks, and ancient Buddhist temples However, staying aware can help the travel industry become more proactive and develop adaptive strategies quickly. Indeed, according to SLTDA data, in January 2016 alone some 194,280 tourists entered the country, up … The Sri Lankan government has now identified tourism as a main component in its post-war Here are 5 key challenges that the travel industry is currently confronting and needs to address. After the end of nearly three decades long civil war in 2009, Sri Lanka is experiencing a tourism boom with a record level of international tourist arrivals. The industry represents Sri Lanka’s third largest foreign exchange earner, accumulating $2.8 bn in earnings last year. TOURISM INDUSTRY SUPPLY CHAIN CHALLENGES IN ANURADHAPURA Munasinghe, U. ABSTRACT Anuradhapura is a remarkable city to gain more tourist attraction in a productive way. Case examples are used to identify and describe the prospect and challenges faced by governments, communities, and the cruise industry agents. In 2015, the sector recorded close to 1.8 mn tourist arrivals, equating to a compound annual growth rate of 22% over the past five years.
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