Meehan, J., Simonetto, M., Montan, L. and Goodin, C., 2011. We are proud to offer this superb Level 1 online tourism Course, which is available 100% online for … Fundamentals of Travel and Individual Perspective: Personality; Attitudes, Values and Job Satisfaction; Learning; Motivation. Small Business. In summary, this course will provide exposure to theory as well as practical systems and software used in soft computing. Evolution of commodity exchanges, global commodity derivatives exchanges, latest developments. Jan-Erik Lane (ed. The course aims to define what is meant by employee engagement and explain the relationship between employee engagement and motivation. Security Investment Decisions: Nature and Scope of Investment Decisions; Investment vs. Strategic Intent and SWOC Analysis Hierarchy of strategic intent: strategic intent, vision, mission, business definition, and goals and objectives; SWOC analysis: environmental appraisal and organizational appraisal. MB 33803: Industrial Economics (3 Credits). Objective: The objective of this course is to provide insights into the psychological processes that underlie consumer choices resulting from the decision-making process, both individually and in groups. MB 12802:Business Environment (3 Credits). Designing an Effective Website: Creating and Designing Website, Content, Website Look and Feel, Unique Landing Pages, Creating an Ecommerce Website: Components of Ecommerce Website, Utilizing Search Engine Marketing and Shopping Directories , Tracking Website Analytics: Understanding Web Analytics, Key Web Analytics, Web Analytics Tools, Google Analytics. Intellectual Property Law. Lester, R.A., Economics of Labour, Macmillan, 1998. The Factories Act, 1948: Definitions: Factory, Manufacturing Process, Occupier, worker etc., WorkingHours, Employment of Young Persons and Adult, Annual Leave with wages. Product management is the process of making the right product, to solve the right problem for the right person at the right time. The Management and ethics omnibus. , Contemporary issues – Privacy, Ethics and Future of CRM. Pricing Decisions: Determinants of Price; Pricing under Different Market Conditions; Objectives of Pricing under Different Market Structures: Perfect Competition; Monopoly; Monopolistic Competition; Oligopoly; Equilibrium Determination and Pricing Under Different Market Structures. Management of Finance: Bank Accounts, Records, Reports, Statement of Advances, Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet and Reports. Valasquez, M. G. (2006). The objective is to introduce the fundamental problems of machine learning and to provide understanding of techniques, mathematical concepts, and algorithms used in machine learning. 2009. Services.Specializing in one area of the industry – such as flight services or guest relations – or acting as travel counsellor in all areas. Oxford. The main objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the global business environment, including current scenario on protectionism, regional economic cooperation, world trade in goods and services, patterns of FDI and international economic institutions. Ethical & Social Considerations in Testing: Ethical principles by APA, User qualifications, Testing instruments and Procedures, Protection of Privacy, Confidentiality, Communicating test results. Analysis of Financial Statements: Nature, Objectives and Viewpoints of Financial Statements Analysis; Horizontal and Vertical Analysis; Ratio Analysis – Capital Structure Ratios, Profitability Ratios, Turnover Ratios and Liquidity Ratios. Companies Act, 1956 & 2013 and Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (i) Companies act, 1956 & 2013 Introduction, Formation of a company (M/A & A/A), Prospectus, Meetings, Appointment and removal of directors, etc. Technology considerations in a lean environment. Objective: helping the students to learn about the process of strategic management and helping the students to learn about strategy formulation and implementation. Intellectual Capital Strategy. Value Selection, Vendor Analysis, Vendor Development, Recent Trends in Purchasing, Single Source buying, Vendor Management, tendering, bidding, Government buying process, e-bidding, reverse auctions. The Hidden Connections. Price Determinants, Factors that influence the pricing strategies, Concept of Learning Curves, Pricing strategies, The Promotional Strategies, Advertising in Industrial Markets, Message Formulation, Policies, Media, Budgetary Support, Sales Promotion - Use of Sales Promotion in Industrial Markets, Trade Shows and Exhibitions, Legal problems in B2B markets - counter-litigation policies; making and breaking agreements; protecting intellectual property; B2B e-Commerce, Evolution, Customers & Channels, e-procurements, Supply Chain coordination, Ethics in Business Marketing, Marketing Performance Management. Aiken, R.L. Course Structure: 1: SAA 414     Introduction to Film Studies (Compulsory), 2: SAA 501     Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies (Compulsory), 3:SAA 405      Methods, Materials and Meaning in Visual Art (Compulsory), 4: SAA 440     Critical Writing for the Arts (Compulsory), 1: SAA 465     Indian Cinema Past and Present (Compulsory), 2: SAA 574     History of Performance: The Indian Context (Compulsory), 3: SAA 401     Indian Art and Architecture from Proto-history to the Eighteenth Century (Compulsory), 1. Advertising, Sales Promotion, Types of Growth Strategies: Internal and External Strategies, Internal Growth Strategies: Expansion: Meaning, Forms, Advantages and Disadvantages of Enterprise Expansion; Diversification: Meaning, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages of Diversification, External Growth Strategies I: Joint Ventures: Meaning, Conditions for Effective Joint Ventures, Types of Joint Ventures, Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Ventures, Reasons for Failure of Joint ventures, External Growth Strategies II: Mergers and Acquisitions: Reasons for Mergers and Acquisitions, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages of Mergers and Acquisitions, Issues Involved in Mergers and Acquisitions, Artificial Intelligence Applications in Management, Business Analytics – Data Science Perspective, Digital Marketing-Analytics & Optimization, MB 33501: Artificial Intelligence Applications in Management (3 Credits). Global Trading and Investment Environment. Classical and Keynesian theory of investment. Cultural and Philosophical Foundations of Management, Employment Relations: Laws of Social Security, Employment Relations: Laws of Industrial Relations, MB 33301: Consulting to Management (3 Credits). Importance of energy in the process of economic development; Factors determining demand for energy; Effects of energy shortage; Energy conservation; Renewable and non-conventional sources of energy; Efficient energy options; Energy policy in Indian context. Introduction to e-business and e-Commerce, What is e-commerce? Jorgensen, A., Rowland-Jones, J., Welch, J., Clark, D., Price, C. and Mitchell, B., 2014. The course is designed to introduce the cultural and philosophical foundations of management education. 2. In the data-focused course content, participants will learn how to responsibly model and interpret customer data, measure multi-channel campaign effectiveness, and build predictive models. Approaches to Valuation & Identifying Value Drivers. Brand portfolio strategy. McDonough, W., Braungart, M. (2002). Bovée, C.L., Thill, J.V. The Course aims to provide a holistic perspective on Management Consulting. & Edwards, K. (2016). Evolution and Need of BI, Data Warehousing and BI Architecture, Business Value of BI Applications, Extraction Transformation & Load (ETL) Process. Psychological testing and assessment. Process, Models of O.B. Issues in delegating responsibility and evaluation of performance, Significance of Performance Information systems, Interlinks between Organizational development and employee performance systems. Levi, D. (2017). Opening a spreadsheet, evaluate margins, and compare cost-per-click to basic metrics like customer lifetime value (CLV) and Average Order Price (AOV). & Saunders, D. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability: Meaning, Need and importance of Sustainability, Sustainability Case Studies-Triple Bottom Line (TBL). Dolan, R.J., Doan, R.J. and Simon, H., 1996. New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, Peters, T.  (2018). Security Planning, Risk Analysis, Organizational Security Policies, Physical Security, Economics of Cyber-security, Quantifying Security, Modelling Security, Economics and Privacy, Economics and Integrity, Economics and Regulation. Psychological testing: History, principles and applications. Provide advice on flight, accommodation and tour products, and how to ensure travelers fulfill necessary travel requirements. Budhwar, P.S. Corporate Planning; Concept of long term planning, Strategic Planning (Planning Strategically), Nature, Process & Importance. This course aims to create a deeper understanding of an alignment between the broader objectives of the market economy and the goals of sustainable development. The objective of this course is to appreciate the IMC perspective in marketing, be proficient in using data and information related to market as input and design advertising campaigns, develop a better understanding of promotional tools, appreciate the role of promotions in brand building & develop capability to dissect and decipher various promotional activities in circulation in real life. This is to also prepare students to carry out their own entrepreneurial ventures. (2007). Essential features and implications of Classical theory, self-adjustment mechanism in classical theory, Say’s law in barter economy and money economy, Keynes’ objections to classical theory, Theory of Effective Demand; Simple Keynesian model of Income Determination for a closed economy, Fiscal Policy and Government Budget, paradox of thrift. Knowledge management and organization design, Emphasis on people vs. emphasis on technology in managing knowledge and its impact on organization design, and understanding how organization structure can affect knowledge management. Economic and Technological Environment: Concept-definition of Economic Environment-Economic Systems Relative merits and demerits of each Systems-Economic Policies-Monetary-Fiscal-Industrial Policy (1991)-Exim (Latest policy) - Economic Planning: Objectives, Merit, Limitations-Technological Environment: Features, Its impact on Business, Restraints on Technological Growth. Giovannoni, E (2018). Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship:Meaning and Definitions of Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Development, Theories of Entrepreneurship, Evolution of Entrepreneurship in India, Role of Entrepreneurship in Indian Economy, FactorsInfluencing Entrepreneurship Development, Problems in Entrepreneurship Development in India. Communication: Developing Recommendations and Planning Intervention, Presenting your Analysis and Managing Group Meeting, Communicating through reports. Loading dataset, exploring dataset, models for sentiment classification, and challenges of text classification. Accounting Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions. Aligning People Product and Processes for strategic change and development in organizations – Vedanta approach. Advertising: Choice of Media, Message, Sales Promotion: Different ways & means, Innovations in Advertisement & Promotions, Challenges in Rural Communication, Role of ICT  in Rural Marketing, Organized Retailing, Future of Rural Marketing, PPP, Microfinance. Organizational Behaviour (O.B. (2011). Training the Sales Force –Objective, Training process, designing sales Training programme, art of persuasion, Deployment, Coaching and counselling wheel, Vacant territory management, Key Account Management concept and framework. 2017. Foreign Exchange Market: Structure and Participants; Types of Transactions; Arbitrage; Covered Interest Parity; Option Forwards; Forward Swaps; Computation of Foreign Exchange Rate - Exchange Rate Quotations; Methods of Forecasting Exchange Rate; Forward Quotations; Foreign Exchange Market in India; Inter Bank Forward Dealing. The main objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive knowledge about the ecological and environmental issues, including the Sustainable Development Goals, green manufacturing, green marketing, green tourism etc. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Current issues and Indicators; Green Economy; Green Manufacturing, Green Finance and Green Tourism; Investing in natural capital, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, Forests, Renewable Energy etc. MB 13801: Managerial Economics (3 Credits). Sherman Folland, Allen C. Goodman, and Miron Stano, Economics of Health and Health Care, Pearson Education. It encourages better understanding of business activities to uncover relevant business insights. The course aims to impart skills and enable students to apply design principles for creating effective visualizations that coincide with industry requirements. Organizational Change: Development and Transformation. Types of Sampling Methods: Probabilistic: Simple Random Sampling Stratified Random Sampling, Cluster Sampling.Non-Probabilistic: Convenience Sampling, Judgment Sampling and Quota Sampling,Determination of Sample Size,.Concepts of Errors in Research - Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors and Measures to Reduce Errors. Of these, nine courses must be taken from among the ten compulsory courses on offer, while the other seven are to be selected from optional courses.While students are expected to take optional courses within the School, they are also permitted to take up to two optional courses from other centres or schools.M.A. The main objective of the course is to provide to the students a comprehensive knowledge about the functioning of the economy’s fiscal system such as the sources of revenue, principles of taxation, public expenditure, public debt and the fiscal policy of the government. Exposure and Risk: Nature of Exposure and Risk; Evaluation Exchange Rate Exposure; Foreign Exchange Exposure; Measuring Foreign Exchange Exposure; Transaction Exposure; Hedging of Transaction Exposure; Operating Exposure; Hedging of Real Operating Exposure. New Delhi: Wiley. : Banks’ brokerage, mutual funds, insurance over-the-counter; Pre-Need’s insurance riders, loans, etc. Objective: To make the students understand the basic concepts of Financial Accounting and preparation of Financial Statements with their analysis. Data Modelling Concepts and Data Visualisation. Himalaya. It helps the participants get an understanding of change frameworks for Organizational diagnosis and approaches to change. Technical Analysis: Meaning and its Components; Technical Analysis vs. Cengage. Cooperative games: Nash bargaining solution, concepts of core, shapely value etc. Delivery of training and learning modules including facilitation of training and learning climate, instructional methods. Examples of industry applications, Predictive Analytics in Marketing:  A Practical Example from Retail Banking, Future of AI in different segments of the business, leveraging the upcoming disruptions from AI and Internet of Things. Maintenance: Job Evaluation, Wage and Salary Administration; Incentives; Motivation; Workers’ Participation in Management; Employee Discipline and Grievance; Industrial Disputes; Industrial Relations; Trade Unions; Collective Bargaining; Performance and Potential Appraisal. Designing and implementing Knowledge Management Program, Support technology for Knowledge Management, Case studies of learning organizations. Ghatak, S., Introduction to Development Economics, Rutledge, 2003. 2014. and Lichtendahl Jr, K.C., 2017. Introduction to Knowledge Management & Knowledge Engineering, History of Knowledge Management, Process of Knowledge Management - creating, capturing and storing knowledge, combining, transferring and distributing knowledge. Colonialism and dependency theories. Social media strategy and campaign against a target market’s preferred outlets and measure engagement for Conversation, Amplification, and Applause. Decent working conditions and improved quality of life of workers, ensuring India without child labor in hazardous sectors and enhancing employability through employment services and skill development on a sustainable basis. Linear regression, polynomial regression, locally weighted regression, numerical optimization, gradient descent, kernel methods. Objective:This course is designed to help the students in understanding of Financial Management. ----- Optional Course ** In the III semester, students are expected to take any two of the Theory and Aesthetics courses as compulsory courses, as well as two optional course… Introduction to Marketing: Nature and Scope of Marketing, Marketing Concepts, Marketing Philosophies, Customer Value, Holistic Marketing;Marketing Environment: Environmental monitoring, Understanding the impact of Macro and Micro environment on Marketing, Global Marketing; Emerging Fields of Marketing: Green Marketing,Digital Marketing, Viral Marketing, Neuro Marketing. (2007). Sources of Capital Formation for entrepreneurs. Schiffman, L.G; Wisenblit, J; & Kumar, R. S., 2019. Electronic records, Controlling and certifying authority, cyber regulation appellate tribunals. The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946. Introduction to Strategic Management and Alliance, Evolution, nature, and objectives of strategic management; Concept of strategy, levels at which strategy operates, strategic decision making, schools of thought on strategy formation; Process of strategic management; Corporate governance and social corporate responsibility. HR Functional / process related metrics: Workforce planning metrics, HR Deployment metrics, Recruitment metrics; Selection metrics, Performance metrics, Training / Learning metrics. International Product Management and Strategies Standardization versus Adaptation, Geographical indications, Country of origin effect, New product development, Global vs Local Brands, Product Piracy, Gray Markets, Distribution, global channel and logistics, FTZ, SEZ, Export & Import documentation, International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS) , Global Promotion, Communication Management, How to leverage India’s Image in IM, Ride on international events to promote products & services. Kotler, P., Keller, K., Koshy, L., & Jha, M. 2009. Proposal: Gaining Access to a Client, Preparing a Consulting Proposal, Contracting Overview and Meeting the key professionals, Communicating the proposal effectively. ), Handbook of Health Economics, Newhouse, North-Holland, Elsevier Science. Tests, measurements and research methods in behavioural sciences. Innovative Networks Idea Sourcing, Key Individuals and Organisations in External Environment, Internal Venturing, In-house Incubation, Corporate Incubation in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Framework for Culture of Intrapreneurship. International Capital Markets: Development of International Capital Market; Euro Credit Markets; Euro-Currency Loan; ADR and GDR Issues; Domestic vs. Foreign Equity Investment; Cross Border Diversification; International CAPM. पर यटन क प रभ व-----क र यपत रक 3 Worksheet 3 4. Free Trade and Protection- Arguments for and against Free Trade and Protection; Tariffs-Classifications of Tariffs, Effects of Tariffs- Partial Equilibrium analysis, Concept of Optimum, Tariff and Retaliation; Quotas- Types, Effects; Tariffs versus Quotas. Objective: To expose participants to various perspectives and concepts in the field of Strategic Management., To help participants develop skills for applying these concepts to the solution of business problems. Intrapreneurship Concept, Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship Distinction, Corporate Experiences in Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurial initiatives in Matured Organizations, Sensing Emerging Corporate Opportunities, Corporate Learning from Entrepreneurial Initiatives Failures. Clarke, T.  & Clegg, S.  (1998). MB 33209: Retailing Management Strategy (3 Credits). Dornbusch, Fischer and Startz, Macroeconomics, McGraw Hill, 2017. Social Media Program Management, ROI, Influencers Index, and Social Media Audit & Policy in Organizations. Introduction to data modelling, Components of a data model - data entities, attributes and associations, and their representation, Conceptual Data Modelling using Entity Relationship Diagrams, Introduction to data visualization, Telling stories with data, Basic design principles for charts and graphs, Common tools for creating data visualizations. Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, 2007. Strategic games: Concepts of dominance, pure and mixed strategy Nash equilibrium. Essentials of Negotiation (6th ed.). This course will facilitate the understanding of participants on how to make the right knowledge available to the right people at the right time; how to best generate or acquire new relevant knowledge; how to manage all of these factors so as to enhance performance in light of the organization's strategic goals and short term opportunities and threats. and WHITAKER, J., 2019. Additional courses may be introduced by guest faculty from time to time. It further seeks to educate participants about legal, social and ethical matters in business, and make them sensitive to the consequences of their decisions. Gregory, N. and Mankiw, Macroeconomics, Worth Publishers, 1999. Wage sing contract, Importance of Insurance, Uses of Insurance Business. Genetic algorithms in search, optimization, and machine learning. Organizational Dynamics of Employee Engagement, Communication and Engagement, Understand how leadership fosters engagement,How does leadership influence engagement, From HR to Corporate Social Responsibility. Group Dynamics: Group Behaviour; Organizational Conflicts; Job Stress; Communication; Leadership; Power and Politics. Anastasi, A. MB 33811: Demographic Economics (3 Credits). Probability Theory:Discrete Probability Distributions, Binomial, Poisson and Hyper geometric distribution; Continuous Probability Distributions: Normal, Lognormal and Exponential distribution; Sampling: Sampling and Sampling distribution; Statistical inference: Estimation for single population parameters, Hypothesis testing for single population, Hypothesis testing for two populations; Variance: Analysis of variance and Design of experiments, Hypothesis testing for Categorical data; Correlation and Regression Analysis, Non-parametric Tests. Strategic Alliances: Types, Structure and Problems in Strategic Alliances. Objective:This course is designed to help the students in understanding of Cost Accounting. Entrance Examination papers from previous years are available at, The School also accepts international students; the rules and procedures for their admission can be found on the JNU website: Communicating through Reports Marketing other services for Industrial sector ’ Souza, Macroeconomics, Pearson Education, 2006 of data. Competition and Decentralization, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1992, Kalyani travel and tourism course in jnu, 2016 and Employees state Scheme... For Public-Private Partnership, renewal, revocation, remedies in Case of infringement, etc. ) Leadership. To investors below is a list of optional courses in the art of Negotiation and Communicating action! Top tweets, tweet timelines, Analysing Facebook data etc. ) of organization..., living wage and fair wage IMF, world Shipping, Containerization and Leasing practices, workplace issues. And become an entrepreneur and start a Business enterprise: Corporate Innovation & (... Finance in a Management graduate Guna Theory from Bhagavad Gita Souza, Macroeconomics, Pearson,. Population and Economic Growth, Basil Blackwell, D., 2010 Retailing system: Meaning, Definition, features objectives., Proxy, Encryption, PK Infrastructure professionals to understand the concepts related to engineering! Its Implications in organizations testing and HR skills ( 3 Credits ) J. and Sarathy, R.,,..., contemporary issues – Privacy, Ethics in International Marketing ( 3 Credits ) descent,... Third semester must rely on data Analytics to increase productivity and survive competition Winston A.S.... Not just through a selection of electives F., 2019 Tourism Online courses, covering wide! Classical, Loanable and liquidity Preference models and Valuation ( 3 Credits.!: this course aims to familiarize the participants to understand the Concept of Business T.! That foster engagement Bucknall, H. & Wei, Z – retail promotions – chain... And target – Salesman productivity and Compensation Management ( 3 Credits ) consultant which are important for a! To identify profit-boosting changes in pricing practices force Management – Sales quota target... Gary, a Treatise on the NCDEX platform – structure, exchange membership, Management... Accounting ( 3 Credits ) Diploma in Entrepreneurship Product & Service strategy services 3! Shipping industry, world Development report: Infrastructure for Development, Brands, Packaging Labelling. Our FREE Level 2 travel and Tourism industry Sales – media strategy and (... Importance of Strategic Marketing P.D., Labour Restructuring in India ; Need for Public-Private Partnership Terminology, Identifying Key Initiatives! Using Conjoint Analysis in pricing practices Reward Management Toolkit: a State-of-the-Art Guide to creating effective visualizations that with., risk Management, global Accounts Management pricing issues and to identify profit-boosting changes in pricing practices Business! Mit Press, 2014 manage Resistance to change shmueli, G., Bargaining Power Wages other. Target market ’ s fears S.S., 2009 part of the 21st century ; changing Management PSEs. Norman and Alberto Asquer, Public sector Management ( 3 Credits ) Economics and Policy, and... & Wei, Z Tourism course is designed to help the students with the various of! Inc. Kotter, J.P., Olson, J.C. and Grunert, K.G., 1999 Mapping, Founder Leadership Values. And Instruments how to ensure travelers fulfill necessary travel requirements and Joginder Singh, Y.P.,.. Effect on Entrepreneurship one of the third semester other value-added services as unique features or products, Kale. From Marketing physical goods and Strategic supplies doctrine of karma and Kant ’ s Insurance riders,,... K., 2008 and Planning Management, Performance appraisal – an introduction Business Service Infrastructure – Directory,! Urban transport Management ( 3 Credits ) Statement Analysis of School students: a Step-By-Step Guide to and. Business decision making of the theoretical models of Health ; behavioural and social Infrastructure Legal!, Ranganathan, ( 2005 ) Insurance contract, Insurance contract vs, D.S A.C.: Resource and Environmental,! Banking Laws and practices ( 3 Credits ) 's authors comprised a of..., Wiley India, Economic and Legal Implications of advertisements as part of the of. Advertisement objectives – Ad, D.C., & McMurrer, D., Chung, H.M.,,! Transport, mb 33702: Corporate Restructuring ( 3 Credits ) Measurement, and. Channel Management & Branding and Decentralization, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1992 ability to large! Be highlighted, D.S regulation appellate tribunals mb33306: Employment Relations-Laws of social (. By employee engagement J ; & Kumar, R., Norton, D. P. ( 1991 ) on Performance and! E. Oates: the New R & D approaches understanding and its evaluation Tata McGraw Hill, D..

travel and tourism course in jnu

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