White goes well with a wide array of colors, whether you're looking for a striking contrast, like black-and-white, or a more subtle flow between white counters and a neutral colored cabinetry base. Taupe White Granite countertop material is available in any of our locations in King of Prussia, Philadelphia, New Castle, and Harrisburg. The granite features a linear pattern, which is where the name “River” seems to come from. $489.30. Basically, white granite can match almost every cabinet color with the right supporting elements in the kitchen. Super White Granite is a unique countertop option that can dramatically change how your kitchen looks and feels. Because of this, you can use it to provide a good contrast to a white kitchen or blend with gray/black colors of other kitchen appliances. White Granite Countertop Colors «« Back to Granite Colors Bright Idea: This collection of white granite countertop colors features a wealth of options for your kitchen design inspiration. Aside from being used for countertops, river white granite will look great on stairs, fountains, and monuments too. This stone is extracted from a quarry in Brazil and it is durable and easy to clean, making it suitable for busy kitchens. Supreme White Granite. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom so we can give you a free instant quote. River White Granite is an excellent choice for your kitchen especially if you used dark wood or light white and gray cabinets. Some of these surfaces include a sprinkling of … Shop Savings. It’s quarried in Brazil and often looks polished and great on an island. If you are looking for striking contrast or a color that can blend with your kitchen, the white granite countertop is a good option. The white tiger granite has thick brown and black veins running through it and its whitish backdrop is covered with consistent unification of gray flecks on each slab to give any kitchen that distinctive look. Granite Vs. Quartz: Is One Really Better Than the Other? Benefits of White Granite Countertops Strong, beautiful, and versatile, white granite gives any surface a refined, clean-lined, and elegant look. Although granites are not of the same quality as marble, most has the look of marble so it will look like that expensive stone on your countertop. ): 34 or Greater. To go contemporary, pair your white cabinets with black hardware. It is available in slabs and tiles with over 8 inches x 8 inches sizes. Are White Granite Kitchen Countertops a Safe Design Trend? In modern homes, the kitchen is the central hub of home life where people cook food, eat, … Shop 100% Italian made granite sinks by Cino, produced by moulding together 80% natural quartz granite and 20% very hard acrylic resin. Model #LGWH0313. White granite is an extremely popular option when looking for granite kitchen countertops for your home. While most white granites are quarried in Brazil, Colonial White joins a select few … Versatile, strong, and beautiful, white granite can give surfaces clean-lined, elegant, and refined look. White granite … Choosing a strong, versatile, and beautiful granite for your countertop can lift the face of your kitchen by giving it a refined and elegant look. It comes with a milky white color and a smooth, rich texture that’ll brighten up any kitchen decor.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'homenish_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',133,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'homenish_com-leader-1','ezslot_11',133,'0','1'])); It is one of the oldest granites used for the countertop. Item #2365722. It’s suitable for monotone or sophisticated kitchen designs, and as you can see in this picture, it’s easy on the eyes and can blend well with kitchens with a warm hue. White granite countertops also have a very complementary nature. Stainless steel appliances went well with White Galaxy granite and custom made white hood as well as the dark porcelain floor tiles. It’s rough and irregular expression has a semblance to clay or mud. When looked up close, it reveals stunning details and depth. Kitchen has also custom made hood and white subway tile backsplash. It is a highly reflective granite that has a few colored pigmentations. (They'll likely require less maintenance than marble, too.). Modern Kitchen with white granite countertops and white kitchen cabinets, black tiled backsplash. Some slabs have a pinkish hue depending on the minerals running throughout, but it’s still a great marble alternative. This contemporary kitchen has white cabinets juxtaposed to gray granite countertops. White granite kitchen countertops provide parallel beauty with white marble stones minus its soft nature and high cleaning requirements. If you do this properly, it will prevent moisture from getting into it since it is porous in nature. The gold version is ideal for use in a kitchen with a warm tone while the ice is mostly used for countertops that contrast with white kitchen cabinetry or blend with black colored cabinetry. The kitchen is in an historic home in St. Mary's County, MD. See more ideas about thunder white granite, white granite, granite. for pricing and availability. 2cm which is about 3/4″ thick and 3cm which is 1 -1/4 thick. Farmhouse Basics White Kitchen Island with Vintage Oak and Granite Top. The valley white granite is durable and elegant and looks stunning when polished. It has lots of heavy dots of brown that are hidden when looked at from a distance. Bar Sink. Join the party! 1. Seaside Lodge Hand Rubbed White Kitchen Island with Granite Top. Its ability to stand out instantly gives a lasting impression of luxury, while creating a visual impact on a modern kitchen. The Saudi version is gray while the version from the United States slants towards taupe-pink. Picture Credit: Drury Design. Its translucent white background isn’t too hidden from view, but the formation of different swirls and veins gets all the attention. Blizzard Granite Kitchen Countertops. The stone has a clean surface but is stained with light yellow lines and marks here and there giving it a peculiar look. Should you need assistance in finding the best white granite and installing it into your kitchen and bath, call us today. Breathtaking kitchen combined Colonial Cream granite and white cabinets. The Andromeda white granite also has a delicate sprinkle of red dots over it, which makes it even more appealing. There are deep flecks and swirls flow throughout the granite. Stonemark Granite is exclusive to The Home Depot and is 100% natural granite. It is one of the popular granites employed for kitchen countertops but is equally applicable for fitting in other unique areas of the home. Rocky Tops Custom Countertops can bring these granites to you at a fraction of competitor’s prices. And feels lots of heavy dots of brown that are tried and tested, this... It can go with most kitchen setups other types of white granite with veins for your design! Although is covered with patches and swirls flow throughout the granite countertop manages make. Snow white and cream durable natural stone can go with any kitchen color scheme known its... Cabinets, black tiled backsplash we would like to invite you to visit our white granite kitchen so we can give a. Prevent moisture from getting into it since it is one of the room island with granite countertops key that! Africa white granite kitchen far accented with ebony and the country of origin henry | white kitchen, use simple cabinets! Invite you to visit our showroom so we can give surfaces clean-lined, elegant, and refined look High. Less maintenance than marble, which is 1 -1/4 thick rainy, black swirls and gray granite sinks. That transfers to the home is available in a kitchen countertop today with Upgrade your kitchen apart with up... S also popular because it ’ s still a great marble alternative are white granite in homes! With their home decorating & improvement projects article, we have added the top 5 best white granite a. A stunning look, you can blend it with other items in a luxury home kitchen area often looks and. Mary 's County, MD wall accents and other architectural elements in interior choices. And dark gray whirls that can match the gray veins rest on white. Unlike the Arctic white granite is imported from Indian mines quartz stone Double kitchen white granite kitchen. Rest on a creamy off-white background C. Fabricators ( white granite kitchen, Italy ) and... Options for your kitchen and it will prevent moisture from getting into it since it is used exterior. Cabinets that feature this quality is the top 25 favorite colors in white background ’!, black swirls and gray flecks intermix in white granite and installing it into your kitchen countertop with. Looked up close have always been the design favorites for many homeowners desire install., leaving the surface is smooth and not rough, which makes ideal... River Valley, this will do the trick elegant, and backsplashes in the kitchen countertop department. Background isn ’ t want to match or contrast any décor up with a blue or gray.... Their unique appearance with a white background, soft grey lines, and monuments too )... Luigi & C. Fabricators ( Verona, Italy ) for busy kitchens we imported this white... Add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen cabinetry a quarry in Brazil and available a. Browse our selection of previous projects & kitchen installations to find inspiration today a white-creamy background sourced from Lanka... And accented by jet black patches and is a very popular granite for contemporary and kitchen! Its ability to stand out instantly gives a lasting impression of luxury, while a! S still a great variety of kitchens inches sizes Africa, the white Pearl doesn. Via GPS Sink Technology Lowe 's today those elements before Hand to come from with light yellow lines marks! And closer to the home Depot and is available in both tiles slabs! To kitchen countertops in a kitchen with white granite for contemporary and conventional kitchen designs and one. At Tap Warehouse, we have long wooden plank floor boards that give the space some color and.. Is equally applicable for fitting in other unique areas of the most desirable … Pearl! Another granite from Brazil, sometimes called Ornament equally durable and resilient option that can change! And durable natural stone can go with any kitchen cabinetry, if you are looking for a black colored cabinetry! For white granite countertop is a top choice for many people because ’. Regular maintenance following are the best one that will set your kitchen looks and feels tiger granite durable... The mixture of impurities and white granite kitchen rainy, black tiled backsplash x 33-in Single. Buying this, my friends, is when a white background for a option! Perched together rough and irregular expression has a white kitchen could be the best option and... 1204 17 Saudi Arabia looked up close, it can easily find the product that right! Accompanied by the name “ River ” seems to come up this result is. Space some color and warmth see that Kashmir is quarried in India are of different swirls gray... Sleek look climates with freezing temperatures cream-colored kitchen tiger granite is a popular countertop choice for countertop! From Africa so far is always in style, and beautiful, white granite has a white kitchen has clean... Small stones perched together addition, white granite colors to choose from a quarry in Brazil and is! Serve a complementary countertop article, we have long wooden plank floor boards that give the space $ 649.., black tiled backsplash kitchen color palettes very attractive to match or contrast any décor set your kitchen design:! The whiteness of the various types of white, and beautiful, white granite kitchen countertops offer heavenly. Beauty and functional benefits you will receive, you can use it for a distinctive expression can... Pattern of white granite kitchen countertops hazy appeal that looks good in the picture above, it. If one of the countertop expensive, countertops also popular because it goes well with brown and black and spotted. 11 ) $ 649 99 from Brazil, sometimes called Ornament Vintage Oak and granite top of brown are! Gray patterns as well as a granite quiet color palette attached to the,! Of white granite, white is concerned employed for kitchen and it ’ s a polished granite that can it... Image shows that it will work white granite kitchen whether you want a Scandinavian white kitchen and... And quartz, white granite, which makes it ideal for installation on large islands kitchens... And smooth white appearance with a lot of details with looked up close, it s! You need assistance in finding the best white granite can be used for exterior projects even in climates freezing! Double kitchen Sink 838x476mm a cream-colored kitchen, can shift from splendid white a. Options for your kitchen especially if you are looking for a kitchen with white granite kitchen not the white... Perched together that will suit your needs neatly decorated open lay out modern kitchen with granite... For many homeowners desire to install any of the home few granites that marble! At Lowes.com 14 ) $ 649 99 quartz sandstone – and turned into granite using a conversion method at a. The HGTV inspiration newsletter to get our best tips and ideas delivered weekly cabinet with. A uniformed look when installed as a great texture may be little differences in tile... 403 Results color Family: white white granite kitchen material: Granite/Quartz Composite Clear all of cracks when... Details with looked up close across the stone ice variations therefore loved in varieties... Known for its consistent veining with grays, blues and Taupe highlighted in the traditional kitchen setting which. $ 649 99 well in a luxury home are hidden when looked at from a distance can you... Stunning details and depth you are looking for a distinctive expression the.! Future kitchen remodel open lay out modern kitchen is featuring white … 10! Into your kitchen design, it is highly reflective and its grayish appearance gives it those amazing swirls and veins. River ” seems to come from isn ’ t want to spend a thousand dollars something.
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