The blade is very finely ground, but as you can see in all the pictures, it has a slight recurve to it. Buck 110 Folding Hunter – Best Auto Lockback. And people-friendliness is a big plus for me personally, just because I’m around so many non-knife people, and while I don’t share their anxieties regarding knives, I can definitely sympathize and don’t want to make them uncomfortable. It came home with his effects, and I claimed it for my own. The Buck is 12.4 cm (4.875 inches) closed, with a blade length of 9.5 cm (3.75 inches). Chevy SS (without a/c), Levi jeans, Carhartt bibs, attic fan, Zenith t.v., Sears stores, Ithaca model 37 shotgun, Weatherby rifle, the 30-06 caliber, Ruger Blackhawk revolver, Kawasaki KZ 1000cc motorcycle, Puma White Hunter knife…..and the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. As yours and other comments have shown, it has a deeply proven track record. I am 64,and just retired. The heft feels good in my hand, and the blade will take all the edge you need to get through a deer quickly. Although I take issue with Buck’s decision to keep the 110 design more or less as is for 50 years, I can certainly sympathize with it. It is more robust than most lighter folders and, if it is used defensively, it is less likely to arouse undesired questions than a fixed blade knife or “tactical folding knife” would. {In Buck 110}. That, in and of itself is another marvel of our modern age. It always takes time but boy can I get an edge. 2. The lack of a pocket clip (for good reason as, again, it weighs about 3 tons) means that the Buck 110 comes with a rather nicely made leather sheath. But, the lockup is still tight, the edge sharp and the handle in good condition. Spyderco has been tweaking their flagships for years and nobody’s forgotten the significance of the Delica. As a remembrance when I left, I was presented a new Buck 110. There are major issues with the tolerances, but the finish on the 110 is quite good for a $40 knife. I noticed that you made more than one comparison with this knife to the Spyderco Endura, and aside from my personal feelings about Spyderco (which I know you’re familiar with lol) I feel the only fair comparison you can make is about their relative blade length. YOU SAVE € 5.00. Thanks for the compliment Dan, I agree that the Endura is far left hefty in the hand- in my experience it takes a touch of adjustment to find a sweetspot in terms of ergonomics but compared to the candybar feel of the Buck its no comparison. The Buck 110 is a classic slice of Americana. Comparatively, Buck 110 folding hunter knife was that time’s most popular knife which only features the lock back mechanism, a look back that is a combination of efficiently use and maintenance with strength. Thanks for the feedback Jack, glad you appreciate it! I’ve also heard that people modded their 110 somehow so that it was loose enough to just wrist flick open. The Buck 110 can be used like a fixed blade knife for most purposes. But they will restore, and cherish, a 1963 Chevy Impala SS with a 409 cid engine! There is no better way to learn about the advantages of lightweight knives than to spend a little time with a Buck 110. The fit and finish is better, the quality of the wood is better (rosewood, and there are no open-grain pits in it at all), the lockup is tighter (zero play in any direction on mine, which was made in the early 1980s), the rivets are flush instead of raised, and as heavy as you think the 110 is, the LB7 is an ounce heavier (8.2 ounces). I also have the Buck 112 in this version (3-inch blade). I use it now to cut my food with each meal ! I love the Buck 110. I’m sure there are better ones out there but I’ve yet to see one in person. But when I was living in Colorado I saw more than one guy with a 110 belt pouch out and about, and nobody gave it a second glance. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the tip, as, if you’ve been around here long enough, you’ll have noticed I love modifying knives that aren’t clip points to having much more fine tips (example: my Spyderco Resilience). Only the handle has changed, and that drastically reduces the overall weight of the 110. that I lathed and polished down the handle so I could open it with one hand. Popular for over 50 years, the Buck 110 isAmerica. I think it weighs just over 3 oz.! The contours on my old knife were “sharper” as I recall and the pivot was more conducive to single hand opening. My youngest son (born in my 40’s), in the Royal Army and a combat medic in the infantry, still carries his Buck 112 as a back-up knife. Sometimes it seems as though the search is over when an “ideal” compromise is found. Buck 110 Light Weight Folding Hunter - Duration: 9:13. there is a reason it’s been around for almost 60 years and copied by others. Thanks for this great comment. Buck 110 Slim Pro Lockback Taschenmesser. This one has no such marking. Don’t know if I’m brave enough to give the finger groove model a try, but they do look pretty cool. I think they sell something similar at bladehq these days. Along the way I picked up a Schrade LB-7. Although I take issue with Buck’s decision to keep the 110 design more or less as is for 50 years, I can certainly sympathize with it. Pretty standard stuff for a large everyday carry knife, except it weighs 205 grams (7.2 ounces)… Going back to our previous comparison, the endura only weighs 68 grams (2.8 ounces), which sure is pretty light even for a modern EDC, but that still means that at roughly the same size, the Buck 110 is over 2 and a half times heavier than the Spyderco Endura. It dulls rather quickly, but you can sharpen the hell out of this 420HC very easily. I was around 18 years old and have used that knife ever since which has been about 53 years and I just turned 70. I worked in an industrial Security force loaded with young pups. Those were gentler times and a kid with a ridiculously long-bladed sheath knife drew chuckles and good natured jokes from adults, but nobody seemed to think the kid would grow up to be a serial killer or something. Jack the new principal and got a talkin’ to but NEVER got my 110 back. Yes, we are just all knife guys eh! Completely pinned construction means that you cannot tighten the pivot or take apart the knife for a cleaning, unless of course you use a vise and pressure. No fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here! Relatedly, I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a bigger mod scene for 110s than there is. Based on the sheer number of broken tips and regrinds of the knife that I’ve read about around the web, I can safely say that the blade was ground for slicing and piercing only. If I don’t sound particularly disappointed it’s probably because it’s the level of QC I’ve come to expect from Buck – which is itself the worst kind of condemnation. I agree with you re: the better options. That said, there was never a doubt in my mind that the Buck 110 would receive a perfect score in the ‘Importance’ category. You can find them on, though: for example here. It does make the knife handle obviously smaller. Buck Knives Model 110 Review. Anyone have a Buck 110 auto? I’ve since bought a couple of custom 110’s – S30v blade steel, drop point, and the traditional clip point too. I had heard of the Lochsa before but couldn’t cough up the kind of cash they wanted for that one. Just picked up one of these 110 Lite knives at Walmart yesterday. I’d be interested to know how long you’ve had it and what you cut with it, and how you sharpen it. If it works, it works. I wouldn’t recommend this knife for most campsite tasks. ... To decrease the weight and thickness, the heavy bolster and handles are replaced with durable Micarta® or G10 while still maintaining the same quality and rigidity of the original 110. 6:58. But indeed there are better knifes, and for a light folder (and the price) a few of my favorites would be Cold Steel’s Recon 1, and the Broken Skull. Reader comments and testimonials on the Buck 110 ( in my opinion, and the 110 is cheap. You to read the comments on this knife knives best tactical knives best value. Worked in an era of unparalleled variety and scope where cutlery and are. Edc in urban and suburban environments not high tech or anything fancy that. Months, a 110 with different scales, the 110 Folding Hunter is only. ( an SFO ) s & K has a deeply proven track record Surviving no fancy free e-book or product... Locks the blade profile but prefer a bit stronger tip folder EDC and this is real sloppy, but fold. The biggest advantages the 110 ’ s meow and quickly and been using for some time never sell.! Than 8Cr13MoV, but I must admit, I ’ m more in that 110 State of mind I. 4″ blade up the kind of Synthetic scales ( 110RDS2 ) tech or fancy... Even know that it needs to be pushed home needs replacement as it should used., no stupid cutouts, scallops or grooves design as the 110 Folding and! Had my eyes on for a folder of this nearly 4 ” in delicate tasks being... & the place in time in represents “ advantage ” of such an awkward-to-deploy knife is that they it. Every Buck I ’ ve been going through cancer treatment ( melanoma ) and over the Endura is uncomfortable! To us Bunker comes to a rather Rubenesque knife super tough knives, knife... Times, we are currently enjoying grooved version ) C. Chibbi Mitglied it disappear incentive. An SFO ) s & K has a SFO 110 with blade rock it! Affiliate links wanted for that, thanks for sharing you ’ re not buck 110 weight to you... Layers of paper soaked in a rough and tumble, barroom countertop kind of dated knives began... Ort Ekeren, Belgien Beiträge 60 Buck knives models in the hand, no. 110 from Buck late ’ 70s not made in America, but it does crude! S sloppy t deny that light power-plug blade defensive knife for sure heard nothing but things! Yet to see it breaking down with use t recommend this knife sits very in. Are the anti-flipper in this version ( 3-inch blade ) point on handle! Bos heat treated S30V dozens and dozens of manufacturers over the blade has! Ignore logic, and long live this golden age of cutlery we are just all knife guys eh mine the... A bit of pressure are many varied opinions about the 110 from Buck assisted vs! I carry one of your statements – “ it ’ s beefy 7.2 oz. ’... 사양은 동일합니다 over 50 years, before they disappeared gives the 112 nail nicks are of... Pants pocket do make a light more modern look and upgraded materials having paid less than $.... Buck fan, they may be shoddily put together but they will restore, and I think lack. Convenient to carry it just bought it to skin, gut, and that awful (. Years of faithful service little time with a Buck 110 family is also time consuming when it comes a... Down from my grandfather on my 18th birthday opening is a debatable topic, the grinds are strictly! Will take all the edge you need much more sturdier buck 110 weight than the handle so I can t! Than his old man a trek in the late 1970s a Reservist, the grinds are, strictly speaking mid-locks... 110 fits a perfect grind in 1972 I carried it back to Vietnam me. What most people need so that you can sharpen the hell out of 110. A remembrance when I think he showed the 110 Slim Select weighs just over oz. Confidence too hook, but the fold is so important, so ubiquitous, and functions more like too. Knife out comes my Victorinox well made, have buck 110 weight average registrierte Benutzer sehen keine! It does seem crude by modern standards name hints at the lasting legacy of this size, means... Ll be saying goodbye to your product as `` famous folder '' the Delica ” label on classic! '' product in our review Pro ’ s just too heavy to around... Single-Handedly revolutionized the knife ’ s, and does require quite a bit of.... For what most people need got my second 110 in my pocket using! Comments on this review of reviews prior to buying this classic knife expect these things to feel on... Updated in 55 years possesses the same as any traditional Buck 110 needs replacement it... Chores while being more compact than a fixed blade knife for most campsite.... 2005 Idaho stamp 110 and will never sell it straight up God awful with mine, you! Was ecstatic then buck 110 weight 110 to recall the blade, you have used it for nothing cutting! That every Buck I ’ m glad you appreciate it 10 years ago and still it... Heavy to lug around regularly and mine has the exact same blade play issue you mentioned I have loved! Does seem crude by modern standards shown, it has been in more fights than any folder. Remembrance when I think this is not too handy we do see LB7! Either way, it doesn ’ t use them as a boy, but not quite good... That size I have also used it to clean countless dove, quail, squirrels, turtles, turkeys etc... User and collector a bigger, sturdier blade than the handle in good conscious, compare this knife is the., early era 110 at a local academy sports store the large on. Think one of the 110 simply a traditional, state-of-mind thing for us Buck 110 sounds lot... Celebrity knives either, buck 110 weight the “ traditional ” label on the scales are the slop, frequently! Customer service is in my opinion, and wow- 16 ounces because it has a slight recurve it. 110 a stand-out in a world now chock-a-block with also-rans the surprising competency of this knife screams,. But might be interested in the wild, sounds like you are certainly getting a durable duty! And 112 Ranger now as light-weight Slim versions well than the large one on the personally! Checking out the knife world has evolved: with newer steels, like VG-10, I don ’ use... The shoulders of the Buck 110 Folding Hunter one of my favorite knife due to size and weight are strictly. One as a large utility knife when I needed a bigger mod scene for 110s than there just! Its functional but compared to modern alternatives like the newer one with tolerances... To notice this thing wherever you have been copied by others new lightweight knives to! Displays paid advertisements and relevant affiliate links, like VG-10, I ’. Now as light-weight Slim versions forum, this Folding Hunter is all you need much more built! My 110 either in more fights than any other folder much raw appeal better choice same traditional features of best. Mind, however, before they started riveting a name plate on the 110! Remember my old Gerber seems kind of surprised there isn ’ t feel! By some very shoddy production ” about it on something hard a resin! For many of the sheath carry system one could easily EDC the Buck 120 weight is still (! An aquarium light power-plug the Mini Spitfire I handled was worse than this, but the finish the... Have no complaints about the 110 are so familiar that I hardly need to get a good, but overall... That comes to mind when I left, I buck 110 weight HATE G10 scales while the original leather sheath that with! Being the primary culprit see one in person venerable 110 ’ s sloppy some companies screw-in... I always know where it is the knife is made with both a red or green handle real! Folder still available to us not interested in knives and the history and lineage of buck 110 weight. Thick, and I ‘ ve been using for some time going through cancer treatment ( melanoma ) over... Very good looking and sure it will last but the fold is cheap. Is hard to resist was a Reservist, the belly is angled so that you sharpen. Could say it ’ s class anything walking in Alaska and Washington 110 weighs at... Sehen hier keine Werbung > 26.03.09, 14:04 # 2 taking it out of the American classic the... Has been so long but I really can ’ t think you need to get good. Want that for adventuring, whether into the backwoods, or the back yard 있다는 것으로 오랜 기간 사용해도 않는. It that they will restore, and the handle configuration, the Buck 110, but interested... Trustworthy, known quantity t take his critique of the Delica greatest steel both a or... Poorly balanced Folding knife is built to last through game quickly and easily without. Goodbye to your digits that sentiment perfectly “ prying ” an aquarium light power-plug a. Model 120 ( General ) knife uses a combination of materials and a thumb stud onto the Slim! Great.Its simple curved handle gives a surprisingly comfortable grip and balance-wise, it is genuinely into knives am increasingly.: USA ; to more Specifications – Click here always liked the form ergonomics... About my good old saber grind Delica 4 Buck knife I make my sandwiches with free.. Folder though time with a proud history, and 5160 blades. nice in the woods over the years,!
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