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What Is FlexiSPY's iPhone Monitoring Software?

Toggle the option On if it isn't already. Log in to your Google Maps location history in an incognito browser on an Android device. Select the date your phone went missing and review locations you visited and travel routes you took on that date.

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Using a GPS tracking app is also a good tool for locating a lost or stolen iPhone; however, the user must have the app installed before the phone goes missing. The app comes in free and paid premium versions and also includes a phone tracking feature. Have a friend with an Android device install the same app and use the app on your phone to locate your phone if it's misplaced.

How to Tracking Any Phone Number Location 2019 Free Easy Guide

Alternatively, you can log in to your Life account from an incognito browser on an Android device to track your phone. Many other tracking apps will work in a similar fashion. Share Pin Email. Fionna Agomuoh has been a tech writer and product reviewer since Her writing has appeared in Newsweek, International Business Times, and others. Play a sound to help you find your device.

Use Find My iPhone to locate your device

Enable Lost Mode to prevent intruders from hacking your device. Erase the device remotely. Continue Reading. Can I track the location of my iPhone? Is there any way to track lost iPhone? To know what else you can do now to track the iPhone location, read on this post. Losing an iPhone and for that matter any smartphone is tormenting. Today, smartphones not just store personal photos, videos, and music library, but might also contain an incredible amount of sensitive information in the form of browsing history, social data, app traces etc.

So the apprehension of exploit and misuse of the data stored in a stolen or lost iPhone is but real. So, as soon as you discover that your iPhone has been stolen or lost, first try to track the location of your missing device and lock it.

How to Find Your iPhone Even If It’s Dead or Offline (UPDATED FOR iOS 13) |

Note: Always remember to copy important photos, videos, music, and other data on iCloud backup before remotely erasing the iPhone. Use a trusted and safe data recovery solution such as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to restore lost files from iCloud. The software allows to recover specific data rather than recovering the entire data. If you have set up Family Sharing, use it to track your iPhone. The member can also sign into iCloud.

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If the missing iPhone is switched off or showing offline in Family Sharing, you can still activate Lost Mode or remotely erase its data via Find My iPhone. In case your device is offline for over 24 hours, you cannot trace its last location. When an iPhone goes missing, access the location information on a map and find the last location. Remember, Google Timeline records the location only when the iPhone is switched on with internet connection.


Along with the location, note the time when your phone was last connected to Google. Taking clue from the location and time information, you can find your lost iPhone. If needed, take the help of cops. If anyone has captured a photo from your lost iPhone and you have Google Photos location sharing option enabled, then luck is on your side.

Check, if any new photos were uploaded and view their upload location. These apps share the real-time location of your device on your computer or other connected devices. To do this:. If your iPhone is dead, you'll be directed to the last place your iPhone was located before the battery died.

Track and find your missing Apple device

If your iPhone is offline but not dead, then the Find My app will locate the iPhone's current position using nearby Apple devices. Your friends and family can help you find your lost iPhone by allowing you to log into your device on their iPhone. Here's how to use someone else's Apple Device to find your lost iPhone.

I imagine most people will end up looking for their lost and potentially dead iPhone on the computer. When enabled, Mark As Lost will remotely lock your device and display a custom message with a phone number where you can be reached. Your Apple Pay will be disabled, as well as most notifications, although your phone will still be able to recieve calls and Face Time messages with Mark As Lost enabled.

This mode turns on your location services remotely, so that you can locate your device in the Find My app.

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